More Effectively Cross-Sell to Your Commercial Customers

More Effectively Cross-Sell to Your Commercial Customers

By Q2

16 Jun, 2020

Even with the technological capabilities available, many FIs continue to rely on manual processes for treasury onboarding and related services. They rationalize that as long as they have a workable method in place—and as long as Excel fits their needs—they’ll just roll along, making incremental sales. However, FIs choosing this approach should explore other options as digital banking continues to meet – and often exceed – the growing and changing needs of businesses during the global pandemic of 2020. Organizations will continue to embrace digital banking solutions after the pandemic ends, and when it comes to treasury onboarding and services, more revenue opportunities will emerge.

Make the most of digital treasury onboarding

Like many digital banking converts, treasury operations and treasury sales groups working with older methods probably know an improved technology approach would change treasury onboarding and services for the better. Both groups would win with a digital solution that allows the cross-functional ability to perform due diligence, facilitate treasury product setup, and execute treasury agreements. A digital solution will enable FIs to align teams on cross-sell objectives, establish goals, and better measure results. The ability to create reports will improve processes and improve the ability to understand business account holders and why they choose specific services.

What’s required to produce great treasury
cross selling?

When staff have a digital solution that removes excessive manual entry requirements, it is easy to use, lessens the stressors from daily work lives, and far more efficient operations and improved sales will follow.


Smart automation removes data silos and paper handoffs—and the time-consuming retyping of forms from one person to the next. It can trigger and assign tasks to the correct person while speeding time to revenue—accomplishing in days what once took weeks.

Improve workflow

Simplifying the setup and entitlements process workflow for treasury products pushes an FI toward treasury operations and sales success. A digital workflow enables businesses to establish financial accounts for each product, select individual services, and set applicable transaction limits, entitlements, or other relevant parameters for each treasury product. Effective digital workflows can also manage the sales process with referral submissions and automatic routing and notifications, with transparency throughout.

Use data and analytics

Useful business customer data is hard to find and requires FI staff to piece it together using paper forms, phone conversations, and other ad-hoc relationship information in order to determine what services to offer, and when to offer them. Digital solutions can put an end to this exercise. By assembling this data along with data collected from the onboarding journey, you can better understand behaviors, needs, and traits and benefit from knowing which relevant recommendations on treasury products and services to make.

Move toward business self-service

A digital treasury solution should create more than fast onboarding for businesses, it should allow them to employ self-service solutions without FI intervention where appropriate. A configurable technology can help FIs achieve this goal.

Get everyone onboard to sell

With the right solution offering these capabilities, treasury operations and sales will be more engaged in cross selling. Technology that delivers referrals, facilitates lead qualification, and provides coaching will deliver even more chances for success. The best cross sell solution helps staff easily and quickly understand customers’ needs and goals, provides an enjoyable user experience for businesses, and promotes the use of an FI’s digital treasury services.

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Written by Q2