As the COVID-19 pandemic forces financial institutions to evaluate new practices and methods for providing banking services, they must consider the experiences they’re providing. FIs must make transactions easier and faster, provide processes that remove uncertainty and aggravation for customers and members, and solidify their brand as the ever-present companion on their financial journey. For many, emotions and anxieties are heightened during times of crisis, like the ones we are experiencing now. Offering positive experiences to ease account holders’ frustrations can strengthen your relationships and your brand.

Empowering account holders to leverage digital resources

Consider the reasons customers and members contact your institution via telephone. Many resources—such as helpful “talk tracks” that enable staff to showcase the ease of digital banking, online content designed to make digital banking easier, and downloadable guides to help with product or process walkthroughs—can grow your reputation as a dependable resource. The recommendations provided are just some of the ways you can quickly respond to account holders' needs, provide solutions to their problems, and guide them to rely on your digital offerings.

  • Forgotten passwords, locked accounts, and Secure Access Code issues

    For customers or members struggling to reset their account online, sharing a digital 'cheat sheet' can help them push past any confusion or frustration more efficiently.
  • Account balance inquiries

    Account holders who call to check their account balance likely haven’t embraced digital banking, providing FIs a perfect opportunity to help them understand the inherent advantages of the digital channel. Empower staff with a call script designed to help them provide helpful communication on the subject.
  • Payment card assistance

    As a result of social distancing, more account holders are relying on payment cards instead of cash. Prepare your staff to handle calls regarding cards that aren’t working, replacement cards, or even first-time card requests as efficiently as possible. You may also consider whether you are equipped to pre-enroll customers or members, making the process even faster and more convenient.
  • Digital bill payments and funds transfers

    With physical payment sites closed (and in-person communication more difficult), many account holders may feel especially anxious about making a fundamental shift in the way they pay their bills or exchange money with friends and family members. Share resources that help them understand how dependable and secure moving money in the digital channel is and ways to defend against fraudsters.
  • Contacting specific FI employees

    Some account holders may be accustomed to interacting with the same people in the physical branch. Without an option to request a callback, this problem may not be easily remedied. Giving customers and members the option to request a callback can save them from spending time on hold.

Providing solutions through scripted communications

Introducing call script content into a phone conversation doesn’t have to translate into a robotic interaction. Conversational prompts can help staff identify the problem, remain prepared and on-message, and foster clear communication.

For example, "Thank you, Mrs. Smith, I’m happy to help! Did you know we have an option for you to check your balance through our mobile app? If you’d like, I can walk you through that today so you can do this easily yourself without having to wait to speak to someone in the future."

Build an even more reliable reputation

It’s clear that the shift to digital banking isn’t an easy one for all account holders. What may be less clear is the fact that how your FI responds to account holders’ needs during this time can have lasting effects. By creating solutions, you can avoid being seen as part of the problem. Instead, you’ll be remembered for providing partnership, empathy, and support—even after the COVID crisis moves to the pages of history. To discover more resources for helping your FI build a digital strategy that serves your account holders well and aligns with your organizational needs and goals, read about Q2 Advisory Services.