The fallout of the coronavirus pandemic has only served to increase the critical importance of providing first-rate support. As account holders turn to the digital channel to meet their banking needs, FI professionals have been working to provide seamless support in an effort to maintain and deepen existing relationships while forging new ones.

Accessing needed support

As FIs are working to provide the excellent service account holders expect, they should expect excellent support from their technology vendors as well. Taking a few fundamental steps to prepare for vendor interactions can help make the most of a support call. Here are a few recommendations from the Q2 support team:

Streamline calls by providing specific information

By nature, support calls stem from a need to address an issue or fix a problem. Providing specifics around a case or an incident can help technology vendors pinpoint a problem and tee up the best solution. Providing essential information—such as who was involved, the nature of the issue, when and where it happened, and other relevant details—can help identify the root cause and the best solution.


The best support teams are responsive to their clients’ needs. Communicating sensitive timelines and setting other expectations position vendors and clients alike to succeed in resolving a support ticket quickly. Some cases may call for a little more patience than others if additional research is involved, but frequent communication is a vital component in resolving a situation quickly and thoroughly.

Build partnerships

Support calls don’t have to be a chore. Truly partnering with a support team means sharing honest feedback—positive and negative alike. Sharing what works and being upfront about frustrations builds trust and strengthens relationships, setting the tone for a collaborative (and long-lasting) partnership.

Ultimately, the best partnerships are built on shared goals and expectations. These recommendations can help vendors and clients collaborate successfully while deepening relationships.