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Don’t lose business customers to more efficient competitors. Streamline and automate to make onboarding fast and easy for your new customers.


Onboard in days, not weeks or months.

Expectations have changed. Businesses are looking for faster and easier ways to open accounts, apply for loans, and purchase new treasury products. Provide a great experience from day one with digital solutions that make it quick and easy to become your customer.

‘Best in Class’ in the Javelin 2022 Small Business Digital Banking Vendor Scorecard

This distinguished recognition by one of the top independent research and strategy firms in the digital banking sector is why our platform is a top solution for banks and credit unions “scrambling” to upgrade digital banking for business customers amid pressing competitive threats from the Top 4 banks and nonbank providers.

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Business Account Opening

Deliver the quick and easy account opening they expect. Our simple self-service workflows, mobile experiences, automated KYC, and streamlined approvals make onboarding faster and easier for your business customers and your back-office staff.


SMB Lending

Simple, fast, frictionless applications, real-time underwriting, and automated origination give small businesses the borrowing experiences they want and provide your FI with a scalable means to make and manage more loans.

Treasury Management Onboarding

We’ve automated processes and streamlined workflows. Our digitized onboarding connects your staff with your new customers to efficiently set up new treasury management products. Our comprehensive approach also makes it easier to cross-sell and build deeper engagement from day one.


It’s a fallacy that community banks don’t have the technology that the bigger banks have. We prove it wrong every day.

Michelle Leibowitz, SVP of Digital Channels
First Bank
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The Journey Has Just Begun.

Q2 Catalyst has more to offer your small business and commercial account holders.

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Digital Banking

Deliver relevant, right-sized digital banking experiences from a single, data-powered platform.

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Sales Enablement

Collect valuable insights, make more informed decisions, and build deeper, more profitable relationships.

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Marketing & Growth

Use data to understand and anticipate business needs.

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Fintech Ecosystem

Go beyond traditional banking with a rich marketplace of fintech solutions.

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Security & Fraud

Earn and keep trust with behavioral analytics, comprehensive positive pay, and more.

Be a catalyst for growth in your community.

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