Agrifunder taps new lending market with cloud-based solutions

Agrifunder Hero
Q2 helps provide platform supporting growth of agricultural businesses in Australia and New Zealand.
  • One day to go live instead of weeks or months
  • Increased scalability through automation and enhancements
  • Achieved faster time to market
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“There’s a lot to appreciate about the model. As an alternative finance company working to bring a brand-new solution to an industry, we must be able to deliver success, build our reputation, and scale.”

Damian Burgi, Agrifunder Co-founder

About Agrifunder

Canberra, Australia
Q2 Lending


Agrifunder needed to provide improved cash flow to Australia and New Zealand’s livestock industry

An alternate source of capital to traditional bank finance, the challenge laid in providing new solutions without impacting existing bank arrangements.


Q2 provided the lending solutions Agrifunder needed

With Q2 Lending, Agrifunder is now leveraging a configurable, flexible platform to meet the pressing funding needs of the livestock industry. CL Originate provided the features and benefits Agrifunder needed to achieve its goals.


With Q2 Lending, Agrifunder saw fast results, including:

  • Enablement to get to market quickly – in fact, Q2 allowed Agrifunder to go to market in just one day.
  • Positioning to scale effectively to meet growing demands and leverage
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness

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