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Q2 enables Knoma to deliver a new educational lending model.
90% of applications
receive real-time decisioning in under two minutes
£2 million 
in loan applications in the first year
Only 10%
of applications submitted require secondary review
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“It would cost me hundreds of millions if I spent all my time trying to build this kind of system from scratch—and it would take years to do it. Q2 did all that for me.” 
Brett Shanley, Knoma CEO and Founder

About Knoma

London, UK
Q2 Lending


Knoma had a vision to make educational loans easier

A worldwide digital transformation is impacting nearly every job sector on the planet, creating a demand to upskill the workforce to full digital literacy. Knoma had a vision to meet this need, but needed the tools to do it.


Q2 provided the infrastructure and knowledge to make the vision a reality

With Q2 Lending, Knoma quickly saw benefits from automated, end-to-end loan management; automated loan processing and decisioning; API integrations for best-in-class loan processing; a better experience for users; and the ability to scale up for future demand.


Q2 Lending enabled Knoma to see:

  • Real-time decisioning in under two minutes for 90 percent of applications with only 10% needing secondary review
  • API integrations that allow for streamlined, accurate loan contracts
  • £2 million worth of loan applications processed in its first year while attracting nearly 60 education providers
  • Quick growth and increased business scale, ultimately allowing them to help more students

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