Financial institution (FI) professionals everywhere are adapting in this time of change, embracing the digital channel’s increased importance. To keep FIs updated and connected to the industry knowledge they need, Q2 provides regular, relevant blog posts. We’re revisiting these timely, “can’t-miss” entries from the month of August.

Break Glass in Case of Emergency: Responding to Increased Demand

Q2 regularly sees user activity around deposits jump by nearly 15 percent as we approach account holder paydays. But when the first round of U.S. government stimulus checks triggered an increase of more than 700 percent, it quickly emphasized the importance of digital solutions that scale to meet unexpected pressures.

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The Future of Banking: Three Essential Elements

The future of banking was steadily shifting to the digital channel before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but the resulting fallout accelerated that change, with demand for digital services climbing suddenly and significantly. A recent Financial Brand article looks closely at a number of ways banking may look radically different in the years ahead.

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Four Top Tips for Aligning End-to-End Automation with Corporate Culture

A change in approach and culture is often required for an FI to transition to greater use of automated lending or leasing. Managing Director of Q2 Lending in Australia Chris Boas often encounters questions about what this change entails and how it can be successfully achieved. In this blog, Boas answers the most frequently asked questions he often hears about automation and organizational culture.

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Industry Authority Highlights Q2 Caliper SDK

Q2’s software development kit, Q2 Caliper SDK, empowers FIs to maximize the Q2 Platform using the same development and customization tools Q2 engineers use in-house. Google alum Slaven Bilac serves as CEO and president of Agent IQ, an organization with a mission to make digital banking personal again. Bilac shared a number of observations about Q2 Caliper SDK in a recent LinkedIn post.

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Differentiation: A Critical Component for Post-COVID Success

Small businesses report increased trust in their financial institutions and feel that they’re receiving vital information from their FIs. But as some semblance of normalcy eventually returns, FIs will once again have to face off against fintechs and refocus their business on competing in a crowded market. Here are a few things that FIs should consider as the pandemic unfolds, and we approach that new normal.

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