Supercharge Dispute Resolution With Andi Copilot

Supercharge Dispute Resolution With Andi Copilot

By Callie Platzer

20 May, 2024

For years, Q2’s Centrix Dispute Tracking System (CentrixDTS™) has made intake, management, and resolution of disputes seamless for financial institutions (FIs) while ensuring compliance with constantly evolving regulations. Today, Q2 adds another arrow to the CentrixDTS quiver with Andi® Copilot—the ability to make better, faster dispute decisions.

Adding Andi Copilot to CentrixDTS is part of Q2's broader strategy to enhance our product portfolio with the latest advances in AI. Andi Copilot in CentrixDTS is designed to empower front-line and back-office employees to act quickly on disputes by delivering insights and data in the moment they are needed. This information sets the foundation to accurately predict and prevent fraud while delivering a personalized experience. Initially, Andi Copilot will alleviate two of the most manual and error-prone processes: dispute entry and dispute investigations.

Improved customer experience: Reduce delays from dispute entry errors

High turnover rates for front-line staff result in a steep learning curve that increases the risk of errors, inaccuracies, and missing documentation when dealing with disputes. These errors cause real delays and frustrations for financial institutions and your customers. With quick access to information through Andi Copilot, front-line workers can reduce errors and errors and facilitate faster dispute resolution with:

  • Guidance on when uncommon dispute reasons are appropriate
  • Examples of how to enter certain tricky disputes
  • Triggers when documentation is necessary
  • Warnings when inputs seem incorrect

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More effective back office: “Decision” disputes faster

When faced with the possibility of fraud, employees must conduct a highly manual and time-consuming investigation using only a transaction ID. This investigation could take days as employees decipher the transaction to pinpoint the merchant, contact the merchant for information, and analyze trend data. Andi Copilot simplifies the investigation process by:

  • Enriching the transaction ID to provide legible information such as merchant, category, address, phone number, and email to facilitate investigation efforts
  • Analyzing transaction data to present key insights on high-risk customers, merchants, and geographical locations based on dispute volume

Andi Copilot delivers relevant and real-time insights so employees can focus on ensuring customers are supported—and your FI is protected—in the event of fraud.

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Equipped with powerful and customizable insights and integrations, Andi Copilot is merely scratching the surface of the innovation and impact that can be delivered for CentrixDTS and financial institutions.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about how Andi Copilot in CentrixDTS can strengthen your financial institution.

Callie Platzer

Written by Callie Platzer

Callie is a product manager for Q2 PrecisionLender.