Keep your business customers safe.

Businesses rely on their financial institutions to maintain a secure environment. Keep your customers safe with the security and fraud prevention tools they need.


Reduce risk, stop fraud, and build trust.

Save time, money, and trouble by proactively reducing the risk in your commercial relationships.


Behavioral Analytics

Our security tool continuously learns, monitors, and models user behavior in real time to determine whether login events and transactions should be treated as potentially fraudulent. These relational analytics, combined with endpoint interrogation and transparent reporting, help you understand anomalous behavior and stay one step ahead of fraud.

Comprehensive Positive Pay

Protect your business customers from check and ACH payment fraud with our integrated positive pay and account reconcilement solution. This advanced transaction management system is integrated directly into our digital banking platform to provide the seamless experience your business customers are looking for.


ACH File Monitoring and Risk Reporting

Make compliance fast, simple, and scalable. Our Payments I.Q. System (PIQS) streamlines customer risk assessments by consolidating payment-related data from multiple transaction channels into a single view. You can reduce risk and eliminate manual processes, generating comprehensive reports in a fraction of the time.


Businesses who’ve been bitten by fraud before are glad to know we offer Exact/TMS. They’re surprised it does so much more than just verify checks; it allows them to quickly and easily determine items that haven’t been cashed or that are outstanding, or other issues they did not foresee. It’s a second level of review for a greater level of comfort.

Galen Gough, IT Director
Jonah Bank of Wyoming
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