Dig out from under the paper

Remove the friction of manual, paper-based tasks and minimize the time to value for your commercial and small business customers.

Lose the back-office burden

Automate the time-consuming, labor-intensive onboarding and account opening processes and get your business clients up and running faster.

More automation, less intervention

Automating various tasks throughout the onboarding or account opening process reduces human error and helps ensure accuracy of data.

Faster, leaner processes

Transparent, intuitive workflows help both customers and bank employees know where they are in the process.

Quicker time to value

Reduce the time it takes to get your business customers up and running.

Provide faster, more streamlined account opening

Give account holders an excellent experience from the get-go with enterprise account opening powered by Prelim.

From digital application to core

Provide an intuitive account holder journey, including auto-enrolling in the digital banking platform and smartly kickstarting logical next steps.

Onboard in any channel

Prelim solves the complex challenges of the deposit account opening process, including handling the experiences for every business officer individually and separate.

Keep security front and center

Through pre-integrated connections to proven fintech providers, Prelim addresses the critical issues of fraud screening, ID verification, risk mitigation, data prefill, funding, and core account creation.


Satisfy customers and your bottom line

Keep the good vibes going after that commercial win while improving your time to revenue and creating more efficiency in your back office.

Fewer treasury touchpoints

Q2 Treasury Fulfillment manages the entire onboarding process. More automation means less involvement from the customer.

Thorough data validation

Built-in validation throughout the fulfillment process helps ensure data is accurate and matches the needs of the downstream systems.

Intuitive process

Q2 Console enables you to create an intuitive starting point for front-office and back-office users, and visual markers on the form indicate additions, deletions, or changes to products, services, and users.

Make it easy to add accounts

With Q2 Add Account, your existing business customers can quickly open new accounts on their own.

Transparent onboarding

Give business customers autonomy with clear, easy-to-understand steps for opening new accounts.

Quick, easy processes

Reduce paper and speed up processing times, giving customers and employees time to focus on other tasks.

Better upsell and cross-sell

Create automated, data-driven opportunities to offer products and services tailored to your account holders’ unique needs.

Best-in-class cash management

“Clients often comment that the vendor is a true partner and that its focus on a limited product set enables greater investment and innovation.”

Christine Barry and Paul Kizirian
2023 Aite Matrix: U.S. Cash Management Technology Providers Vendor Assessment

best in class


“Best-in-class leader” in the 2023 Aite Matrix: U.S. Cash Management Technology Providers Vendor Assessment


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