Build more profitable commercial relationships

Empower your bankers with timely insights and coaching, so they can price and structure optimal deals that meet customer needs and portfolio goals.

A pricing platform unlike any other

With Q2 PrecisionLender you get a powerful set of pricing – for credits, deposits, and treasury services.

Total relationship visibility

No more pricing in siloes! With Q2 PrecisionLender you can see all accounts associated with a relationship and understand their impact on profitability.

Actionable insights

Give your RMs and treasury officers timely data-driven guidance on the best pricing options for each opportunity, with each customer.

Deal collaboration

Enable deal team members – RMs, treasury officers, and credit officers – to see what each other is doing and work together to price the full relationship.

Seamless data sharing

Connect your tech stack so data flows seamlessly from one pricing system to another – reducing the wasted time and costly errors that come with manual data entry.

Price to win the right deals

Compete on more than just rate and term. Q2 PrecisionLender gives you the tools your RMs need – when they need them - to price and structure deals that meet your client’s needs and your institution’s profitability goals.

Modernize treasury pricing

Give your treasury officers pricing guidance they need and an understanding of each relationship’s cross-sell potential. Move away from spreadsheets to an integrated digital approach to pricing treasury products and services.

Compete smarter

Use market data from 150+ financial institutions to offer timely insights that help your RMs compete more effectively and driver greater relationship profitability. Market Insight helps them make informed decisions by showing them what’s achievable in the market.

Price effectively at scale

Win more SMB loans without sacrificing returns. The Small Business Package makes pricing these high volume transactions a fast, efficient, and flexible pricing process, helping you deliver a better experience and meet your profitability targets.

The proof is in the performance

Our clients surpass the competition in several key annual metrics*.

  • 5x higher deposit growth
  • 5 bps higher net interest margin
  • 2x higher commercial loan growth
  • 9.6% lower non-performing loans
*Based on FDIC numbers calculated year-over-year, from December 2022-December 2023

Timely deal coaching, powered by Andi

Andi® is Q2’s virtual insights analyst. It gathers data on what’s winning (and what’s not) and delivers in-the-moment, hyper-focused recommendations to help craft winning, profitable deals.

Andi suggests multiple pricing options that meet your client’s needs and your FI’s relationship profitability targets. It’s impactful advice, in context, and at scale.