Money movement options for all your account holders

The Q2 platform provides money movement choices to meet the needs of any consumer, small or medium-sized business, and corporate organization at any stage in their financial journey.

Consumer payments

Lots of P2P choices

Q2 helps ensure consumers can make and accept payments through P2P with Zelle, Neural Payments, or other providers; use card payments and digital wallets; conduct internal-external payments; and send or receive consumer wires.


SMB payments

ACH to instant payments

Whether a mom and pop, tech startup, or growing B2C or B2B, Q2 has the payment options for their desired banking experience. Whether their need is direct deposit payroll, limited ACH, or other options—they’ll have money movement selections that are right-sized to their need.

Corporate payments

Advanced, large-volume payments

Same-Day ACH, international wires, and other larger-volume payments possibilities like instant payments are available. Q2 even enables FIs to offer integration between the digital banking platform and their accounting system and allows remittance information to travel with payments.

Q2 Instant Payments Manager

Speed is just the starting point

With Q2 Instant Payments Manager, businesses can take advantage of the robust messaging capabilities provided by the RTP and FedNow instant payments networks.

Even more valuable than the ability to send and receive payments in real time at any time, instant payments enable remittance information to travel with the payment throughout the payment life cycle, streamlining accounts payable/accounts receivable processes.

Fintech options

Simple to integrate

Our Partner Marketplace is rich in money movement options. Driven by fast API integration, vendors can provide merchant services, B2B payment choices, or Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL).


Cashless payments are growing

The rapid expansion in digital and cashless payments will continue.
  • 1.1T global cashless payment transaction volume increase by 2025

    Top 8 Payment Industry Trends 2023, Discover® Global Network, March 2023

  • -25% cash usage decline in the share of global payments over the past five years

    The 2023 McKinsey Global Payments Report

  • 77% of organizations will receive real-time B2B transactions and 76% will send them

    2023 AFP Real-time Payments Survey

  • 10% of small-business leaders looking beyond their FIs for robust money management tools

    2022 Five Digital Imperatives report, Aite-Novarica

  • “Globally, the rapid expansion in digital and cashless payments continues. One study forecasted global cashless payment volumes are set to increase to almost 1.9 trillion transactions by 2025, representing an 80% increase from 2020. The acceleration in digital payments is fueled by continued consumer preferences and shifts in customer behavior that have become permanent post-pandemic.”

    Discover® Global Network, March 2023
    Top 8 Payment Industry Trends 2023
  • “Small-business leaders are increasingly aware of the digital tools they require to manage their businesses. They see gaps in what their financial institutions offer them, and more than 60% are going elsewhere to fill them. These clients often seek more robust money management tools, the ability to collect on receivables efficiently, greater payment flexibility, better tools to manage expenses, and accurate cash forecasting capabilities.”

    2022 Five Digital Imperatives Report

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