Win better deals. Grow stronger relationships.

Improve the profitability at your institution with each opportunity you win, and each relationship you deepen and expand.  


The pricing solution for industry leaders

Q2 PrecisionLender clients outperform the competition in several key metrics*.

  • 10X higher deposit growth
  • 14bps higher net interest margin
  • 2X commercial loan growth rate
  • 9.6% lower non-performing loans

Based on FDIC numbers calculated year-over-year, from December 2022 - December 2023

The status quo is no longer an option

More and more, financial institutions are leaning on their commercial relationships as a source of revenue and profitability. Yet they often rely on outdated pricing technology – usually spreadsheets – that simply aren’t up to the task. The longer you delay making a change, the further you fall behind the competition.


Your commercial pricing must‑haves

To maximize the profitability of your commercial relationships, you need to take a step forward in these areas.

  • Actionable insights

    Give bankers timely guidance in the moment, to help them price and win the deal they are working on right now.  

  • Relationship visibility

    See each account and its impact on relationship profitability, so you can offer the right products at the right price.

  • Deploying strategy at scale

    Change your pricing tactics quickly and implement them across your FI, as market conditions and portfolio strategies change.

  • Seamless data sharing across platforms

    Spend less time manually keying in data - and making errors - and more time winning deals and expanding relationships.

  • Deal collaboration

    See each account so they can combine to effectively price the full relationship.

We can help

The Q2 PrecisionLender suite of offerings enable you to price effectively and win profitable commercial loans, deposits, and treasury services. Your bankers get the right information at the right time, ensuring you win more of the right deals.

Compete effectively for commercial credits

Move beyond just offering a lower rate. Use data-driven insights and guidance to structure deals that meet both your customers’ needs and your FI’s portfolio goals.

Faster, smarter treasury pricing

Give your Treasury officers the product and pricing information they need quickly and efficiently, improving the deal experience for the customer and the bottom line for your FI.  


We work with FIs ranging from small community banks to top 10 institutions:

  • 120+ Banks and credit unions
  • 15K Bankers
  • 20% Top 20 N.A. commercial banks

First Hawaiian Bank's relationship pricing journey