Simple, effective, digital account opening

When it comes to opening a new bank account, people want it to be convenient, quick, and easy. Q2 Gro™ can help you provide the self-service consumer account opening experience people need.


What’s possible for your FI?


Consumer account opening

Start the relationship journey
New account holder attraction and revenue

Q2 Gro offers an accelerated means of onboarding new account holders and increasing deposits. Equally important, it reduces the costs associated with manual processes to further improve financial performance. 

Secure and compliant

Q2 Gro rapidly collects Know Your Customer (KYC) data—hassle-free to the consumer. Our risk engine orchestrates third-party integrations to determine KYC and deposit risk. Across the account-opening experience, Gro manages security to limit “bad” actors and maximize the success and experience of the “good” ones. 

Proven success

Setting the new AO/onboarding standard


increase in online account openings

Funding time reduced

from several days to four minutes

“It’s been a great step forward for us. The biggest piece of positive feedback we’ve received has been the power of being able to go through the entire account opening process in just minutes, including account funding. It’s been a very positive impact for us."

Josh Parent
Vice President and Director of Product Management
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