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It takes more than technical expertise to build an excellent tech company. Across the globe, team members with an array of professional skills bring their fresh perspectives and deep experience to the teams on which they work.


Q2's Sales team is the company’s growth engine and serves as a trusted advisory source for potential customers, enabling them to make the right decisions when identifying the best technologies and services for their account holders.



Our Marketing team amplifies Q2’s voice, creating messages that showcase Q2’s cutting-edge technology in the marketplace. Marketing promotes and communicates the benefits of Q2’s industry-leading and innovative fintech products and services to meet the current and future needs of our customers and prospects.

Business Operations

One of Q2’s guiding principles is, “Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.” The Business Operations team works to keep our books balanced. The team links Q2’s mission and strategy to execution, transforming them into a long-range plan with annual operating budgets. While numbers are fun, business partnership is at the heart of what finance and accounting do. Additionally, the team provides critical investor relations, legal, tax, procurement, risk, compliance, enterprise IT and audit services. They work alongside all other Q2 teams, provide robust analysis, insightful interpretation, and actionable recommendations that power decisions and drive value.


Data and Analytics

The power inherent to data is incredibly important. That’s why we leverage it to inform so many of our tools in product development. The Data and Analytics teams conduct research and use data to enable Q2’s development teams to create personalized experiences for our customers and their end users.

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The People team—encompassing all Human Resources and global real estate and facilities functions—ensures the business has the right workforce strategy and capabilities to achieve its mission. Their efforts help bring Q2's ten guiding principles to life, offering great opportunities for team members to grow their careers in a fulfilling culture.

Operations and Support

Q2’s Operations teams provide the processes and technologies Q2 customers need to meet their users’ needs. Our Implementations and Service Delivery teams work with customers to configure tailored solutions and seamlessly take Q2's products and solutions live. Then, our Security and Hosting teams work to protect our customers' and their end users' assets, monitoring and defending against ever-increasing threats.


Development and Engineering

Our technology helps support thousands of diverse communities around the world. Our Engineering teams innovate, develop, and build technology to position these communities for the success. In short, our code and technology are helping to build the future of fintech.


Q2's Product team designs innovative solutions that transform how financial institutions engage with account holders. Our banking services are used by top U.S. banks and credit unions, and nearly 20 million people around the world.


We’ve continually raised the bar on security with an intelligent, multi-layered, scalable, end-to-end suite of native solutions. From pioneering data analytics and machine learning to preventing fraud before it happens, to building a disaster-proof active-active hosting infrastructure and adopting groundbreaking blockchain data security, we never stop looking for ways to keep  account holders and assets secure.