A single platform for retail, small business, and commercial

From personal to corporate and everything
in between

Consumer banking

Personalized, differentiated banking that lets you grow with your account holders.

SMB banking

Targeted SMB solutions that put you at the center of how account holders run their business.

Commercial banking

Robust commercial functionality, proven by the biggest banks and businesses and wrapped in a modern, mobile UI.

A single platform that lets you

  • Offer rich functionality

    for every segment

  • Understand account holders

    and serve them through data

  • Match features to the needs

    of each account holder

  • Manage everything in one place

    through a single, unified back office

Meet the needs of your account holders

Use behavioral data to serve account holders with only the features, products, and experiences that match their needs—at every stage of their journey.

The broadest integration set in the industry

We’ve spent decades building integrations to the systems our customers rely on to run their businesses, so you get the flexibility to choose the products and partners that suit you best.

  • +1K total back-end integrations
  • Integration Framework

  • Access

    Access to the best fintechs in the market

    >35% reduction in deployment time
  • Freedom

    to change core processors with confidence

    25+ supported cores
  • Optionality

    to bring or choose the vendors of your choice

    100+ pre-integrated fintech partners

A platform where everyone can build

Our platform is built with an open architecture that lets customers, certified development partners, and the best and brightest fintechs in the industry build and integrate freely.


Launch fintech solutions at lightning speed

Using our open platform, we curate a broad selection of best-in-class, pre-integrated fintech solutions that you can add to digital banking in just weeks.

  • Chatbot
  • Financial wellness
  • Credit scoring
  • Mortgage lending
  • Payments
  • Accounting and more
  • HR & Payroll
  • Chat & Conversational Banking

Q2 Integrates With

  • Abe AI
  • aeropay
  • agent iq
  • akko
  • alacriti
  • allied
  • array
  • autobooks
  • bigcommerce
  • childrens miracle network
  • covered
  • deeptarget
  • eco
  • experian
  • finn ai
  • fitch
  • floatbot
  • giveworx
  • givio
  • glia
  • homebase
  • hurdlr
  • ladder
  • legalzoom
  • mx
  • neural payments
  • payrecs
  • pinkaloo
  • savvymoney
  • trustworthy
  • upswot
  • veem
  • vouchr
  • wise
  • zogo
  • zsuite tech
  • Deliver innovation in weeks

    not months or years

  • Grow beyond traditional banking

    with a robust fintech ecosystem

  • Build unique experiences

    for your FI, market, and account holder needs

Data-driven learning that helps your business

  • Better targeting of your marketing and messaging
  • Protecting valuable commercial accounts
  • Pricing your products to increase profitability
  • Account holder behavior-based personalization

Secure, available, and always up to date

It’s all supported by a tiered architecture that keeps you secure, available, and always up to date.

Multi-layered security

Q2 utilizes multi-layer security and a cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA) to offer around-the-clock protection for you and your account holders.

Distributed cloud

Our distributed cloud hosting approach gives you the best of both worlds: the speed and continuous upgrades of public cloud with the security and resiliency of private cloud.

Seamless upgrades

We deliver continuous, seamless back-end upgrades so your environment is always updated—but we let you decide when to push account holder-facing updates.