Tap into the potential of small businesses

Small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) are an important economic driver and a segment that remains underserved. Data-driven segmenting and targeting SMBs with the capabilities specific to their needs can turn them into a growth driver for your financial institution.

SMBs need digital banking that fits

Whether it’s working around the clock, wearing a lot of hats, or serving a niche clientele, entrepreneurs operate differently. When they believe their financial institutions (FIs) understand them, they’ll be loyal account holders as their businesses grow.

  • The right solutions

    SMBs need an online banking platform and the digital experiences built for the way they work, not a commercial platform that’s too complicated or a consumer platform that’s too simplified.

  • Beyond banking

    From accounting to payroll, SMBs require a variety of fintech solutions to run their operations, and they’d prefer to have one hub that provides everything. Why not the FI they already know and trust?

  • Fight against fraud

    SMBs deeply feel the impact of payments fraud. They need help understanding how to protect themselves and the tools to be proactive against cyber thieves.

Here’s how Q2 can help

Grow small business deposits

SMBs can be a fruitful source of deposits and strong, long-term relationships—if their FI understands how to best meet their needs.

Differentiate with digital technology

Give SMBs an online banking platform and digital experiences made for them, not a one-size-fits-all solution that forces them to adapt.

Expand beyond traditional services

Do more for your SMB account holders with solutions that help them run their day-to-day, from accounting to spend management.

Reduce fraud and drive income

Research shows most SMB owners don’t have a full understanding of their payments fraud exposure and how tools like positive pay can help them. Educating them and charging for such a valuable service can drive non-interest income.

Accelerate digital innovation

Give entrepreneurs quick access to the latest products and services to make it easier for them to run their businesses.

Q2 earns top marks for small business banking

“The ability to more efficiently process payroll, ACH, and payments; offer remote deposit capture; and deliver overall functionality has put us into a referral environment with the local CPAs. Q2 has been integral in that.”

Russ Wilkie
EVP and Chief Experience Officer

Best in Class

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"Best in Class" in Javelin Strategy and Research’s 2022 Small Business Digital Banking Vendor Scorecard

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