Comprehensive positive pay for ACH and checks

Protect your organization and your commercial customers from fraud and earn valuable fee income with Centrix Exact Transaction Management System (Centrix Exact/TMS™).

Put an end to manual processes

Q2 Centrix Exact/TMS is an automated full-featured transaction management solution providing powerful fraud prevention for business. Financial institutions (FIs) provide Exact/TMS to businesses of all sizes to validate payment-related information and manage exceptions.

Full account reconcilement of all transaction activity with a full range of features

Apply business rules for ACH positive pay authorization and to establish automated notification to clients when exceptions exist.

Payee Match functionality

Also available is another layer of protection against unauthorized checks written to fraudulent payees. More effectively compare the payee on the check image to the payee name on the client’s issued check file to validate the payee, validate handwritten checks, and detect washed checks.

Easily produce needed reports and better monitor activities

Community businesses and large corporations, alike, will appreciate customizable, self-service reporting and management dashboard to visually track, analyze, and display important metrics and data points.

Produce reports covering a range of needs

Reports can cover Notice of Changes (NOC), Returns, EDI, and other critical areas in need of tracking and analysis.


Robust integration capabilities

Integration is offered with many digital banking systems through Single Sign On as well as check image APIs.  Exact/TMS can coexist with your legacy technology or easily and quickly integrate into the Q2 digital banking platform.


Positive pay for the teller line

While your staff in the back office will experience less stress and mistakes, our solution can also allow your tellers to become more directly involved in positive pay. They will be able to identify fraudulent checks before accepting or cashing a check.

Several options for teller positive pay are available
A real-time API for a teller system is one of those option.


Proven success


Fraud stopped in 2022 
by Q2 Centrix Exact/ETMS

*Q2 Statistics, 2022

“Having Centrix’s positive pay, ACH filter, and account reconciliation has kept us competitive with the big banks. We had a very large customer considering coming to Bank of New Hampshire and they asked if we had deposit reconciliation. At that time, none of our customers had ever needed or used it. But we were able to call them and say, ‘Yes, we have that as part of our positive pay suite.”

Eric Carter
Senior Vice President of Electronic Banking


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