Committed to making a difference

See how Q2 founder Hank Seale set out
to change the face of digital banking

Timeline of innovation

  • 2004

    Q2 was founded by Hank Seale, with a mission to empower financial institutions through technology

  • 2005

    The team crafted a platform to seamlessly integrate with banks' and credit unions' tech

  • Today

    Q2 serves one in ten American digital banking customers, elevating financial experiences

Our leadership

  • matt-flake

    Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

  • kirk-coleman


  • david-mehok

    Chief Financial Officer

  • kim-rutledge

    Chief People Officer

  • adam-blue

    Chief Technology Officer

  • jonathan-price

    EVP, Strategy & Emerging Businesses

  • Chief Development Officer

  • john-breeden

    Chief Operating Officer

  • mike-volanoski

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Chief Product Officer

  • scott-kerr

    Senior Vice President, General Counsel

Our board of directors

  • matt-flake

    Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

  • lynn-atchison

    Board Member

  • jeffrey-diehl

    Board Member

  • stephen-hooley

    Board Member

  • jim-offerdahl

    Board Member

  • margaret-taylor

    Board Member

  • lynn-tyson

    Board Member

A deliberate approach to corporate citizenship

As a growing global company that aims to build stronger communities, we take a mindful approach to positively impact our environment and community.

  • Impacting the environment

    Our comprehensive strategies reflect our values, going beyond just energy-efficient offices. We address our environmental impact through various strategies.

    Q2 2023 ESG Report Cover
    Q2 2023 ESG Report Download PDF
  • Impacting communities

    Q2's commitment extends beyond environmental care to community impact. Our Q2 Spark initiative and partnership with Austin FC and Q2 Stadium drive numerous community support programs. Q2 and its employees provide support for team members in need of immediate financial assistance following an unforeseen disaster or personal hardship.

Q2's global presence

We’re growing, global, and a great place to work

Based in Texas, Q2 empowers global financial institutions with digital innovation, innovation, acquisitions, and a global workforce.

Q2 serves customers in the U.S. and internationally, with employees in Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, and the UK.

  • sydney office
    Flag of Australia



  • bangalore office
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  • toronto office
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  • mexico office
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    Multiple Locations


A New Banking Ecosystem

Revolutionizing financial services solutions

We provide solutions to Financial Institutions, ALT-FIs, fintechs and other innovative brands, with a goal of enabling them to redefine how they interact with end users.

More Accessible Banking

Financial services are now more accessible than ever, and that means greater inclusion. No longer do consumers need to be in physical proximity to a branch. Instead, they can access their finances from their devices whenever and wherever they wish. The changing paradigm also means fewer trips to banks, which leads to a lighter environmental footprint.

New Trends in Financial Services

Financial services are no longer limited to traditional providers. The financial services market now includes thousands of emerging ALT-FIs and fintechs seeking to provide their end users with a variety of financial services, experiences and solutions tailored to their needs. These services are often competitive with, complementary to and dependent upon traditional banking services. Since these emerging fintech providers are typically less constrained than traditional financial services providers, they can serve the financial needs of millions of people in underserved communities.

The Potential of the Cloud

Q2 believes in the power of the cloud to enable scalability, security, and innovation. Q2 embraces cloud technology to deliver faster innovation and value to our customers. The cloud also has environmental advantages, as our providers march steadily toward offering zero carbon footprint services.