Let account holders add accounts on their terms

Empower current business and consumer account holders to quickly open more accounts while promoting loyalty-building services that support their financial growth with Q2 Add Account.


Fully digital, on-demand account onboarding

Give account holders the agency to open accounts from any device at any time.


Pre-authenticated, secured information

Expedite the process and minimize the risk of fraud by leveraging pre-existing documentation and only allowing authenticated users to open accounts.


Make targeted marketing offers

Easily integrate with Q2 SMART and use data you already have to make targeted offers at the time account holders are opening a new account.


Key Benefits

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    Simplify the process for account holders

    With streamlined digital account opening, accelerate the process to meet the expectations of business and consumer account holders and support their financial growth.

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    Lock in more deposits

    Grow additional or term deposits by providing clear and concise account opening processes that commit account holders to their additional accounts and your financial institution.

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    Add incremental financial products

    With data-driven insights, create automated opportunities to upsell and cross-sell products and services that are tailored to your account holders’ unique needs.

Proven success

  • 92-98% success rates for existing customers

    The Account Opening Anomaly—Q2
  • <1 min average time for a user to open and fund new accounts

    Q2 internal metrics, 2023


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