Grow your portfolio. Improve profitability. Reduce risk.

Q2 PrecisionLender  empowers bankers with actionable, in-the-moment insights and coaching, so they can structure, price, and negotiate winning deals that meet customer needs and portfolio goals.

See what's possible with
Q2 PrecisionLender

Contextual deal coaching, at scale

Andi®, your virtual insights analyst, delivers timely pricing advice to RMs to help them craft winning, profitable deals.


See the full relationship value

Now you can see each relationship's credits, deposits and treasury services, making it easy to understand the impact on the relationship - and the portfolio - if the opportunity is won or lost.


Monitor RM performance

Pricing software only matters if your RMs use it – and use it in the way you intended. Keep track of how they’re performing vs. their peers at our institution. 

Turn deal promises into portfolio realities

Keep your clients (and your sales team) accountable. Ensure that non-credit accounts promised when the deal was priced are eventually delivered to your FI.


Proven success

The power of our pricing platform is proven every day. Our clients outpace the industry in these key annual metrics.*

  • 1x higher deposit growth
  • 1 bps higher net interest margin
  • 10X higher commercial loan growth
  • 9.6% Lower non-performing loans
*Based on FDIC numbers calculated year-over-year, from March 2022-March 2023.

“We’re no longer talking about just ‘this loan,’ or ‘that loan.’ We’re talking about relationships and customers.”

Andy Max
Managing Director, First National Bank of Omaha

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