Build deeper relationships with seamless account opening and onboarding

Our fully digitized approach to account opening and onboarding makes it quick and easy to begin banking with you across all lines of business.

Set your account holders up for success

Drive value far beyond account opening with intuitive functionality built for the long game.

Speedy, intuitive account setup

Remove roadblocks that lead to abandonment and let prospects open accounts with ease.

Deeper engagement from day one

Establish account holders with the right products and services during signup so they can hit the ground running.

Continuous engagement with existing relationships

Target idle accounts with functionality that reignites engagement—because while winning new relationships is great, maximizing current ones is just as important.

Profitable relationships unlocked

Grow revenue by delivering intuitive experiences that lead to primary relationships and valuable cross-sell opportunities.

Open relationships, not just accounts

Enterprise Account Opening

Provide stress-free account opening for all your account holders—from consumer to small business to large commercial—with one omnichannel platform that integrates directly with the Q2 Digital Banking Platform for a streamlined experience.


Digital Self-Service Account Opening

Increase new account conversion and build secure, personalized engagements across channels to drive primary banking relationships.

Treasury Fulfillment

Automate treasury workflows across dispersed systems and create transparency between clients and teammates with Q2 Treasury Fulfillment.

Deepen engagement with existing customers

Guided Activation

Guide account holders through activation steps and relevant offers with Getting Started, our simplified onboarding widget that creates deeper relationships both at account open and over time.

Direct Deposit & Card Switching

Help account holders minimize financial speed bumps and get back to their everyday banking with automatic direct deposit setup, seamless payment switching, and centralized card updates.

Pre-authenticated Account Opening

Let pre-authenticated userswhether consumer or small businesseasily add another checking or savings account in a few clicks with Add Account.