Turn new accounts into primary, lasting relationships

Equip account holders with a comprehensive, curated set of tasks and relevant offers—like new card setup and direct deposit switching—that grow the relationship and emphasize winning the first deposit with Q2 Getting Started.


Provide account holders with an engaging onboarding experience

First 30-day checklist

Allow account holders to track their progress with an easy-to-read checklist that gamifies and celebrates task completion.


Self-service functionality

Ease account holders into your institution with an onboarding process they can complete on their schedule.


Tailored tasks and offers

Curate and control an array of adaptable tasks, services and products that contribute to the personalized onboarding journey.


Key Benefits

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    Keep account holders engaged for longer

    Use the thirty-day onboarding window to establish relationships and drive behaviors that are proven to create lifelong engagement with account holders. 

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    Reduce operational costs and employee workloads

    Communicate your dedication to the account holder without the need for constant oversight from your workforce.

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    Boost cross-sell and upsell of additional services

    Increase adoption of value-add services through relevant, timely offers designated by your institution.


Additional products