Automated, self-learning fraud defense

Q2 Sentinel applies machine learning, endpoint interrogation, and other security technology to monitor user behavior on our digital banking platform and to prevent fraudulent activity from negatively affecting our financial institutions (FIs).


Proven fraud defense


Real-time anomaly detection and alerts

With Q2 Sentinel, account holders are safeguarded as their typical patterns of logins, transactions, and other behaviors are monitored—and any behavior outside of those patterns is immediately flagged as potential fraud. Our solution detects and flags login events and transactions determined to be anomalies based on a range of characteristics analyzed against historical account holder information. 

This real-time, deep integration allows an FI to be actionable, safeguarding itself in the moment as opposed to after-the-fact reporting.
For both online and mobile banking

There’s geo-location detection, and Sentinel’s check fraud detection for mobile RDC (mRDC) will reduce fraud penetration.

Policy decisioning

Your FI has control in the process and can tailor monitoring to the account holder.

Comprehensive endpoint interrogation

Endpoint interrogation is part of the Q2 Sentinel solution, providing another layer of security for your account holders. Your FI will be able to measure account holder behavior outside of transactions in your digital banking platform.

Constant analysis of browsers and other integrated software offers an important fraud prevention advantage.

Establish deeper, more complete digital fingerprinting for the wellbeing of your account holders and protect your institution’s positive reputation.


Transaction scoring to safeguard payments

With transaction scoring, an FI has the opportunity to process a transaction or not, creating significant protection with minimal friction. Quickly determine money movement that falls outside of what is normal for an account holder and prevent a possible fraudulent act. 

Apply transaction scoring to ACH, External Transfers, Domestic Wires, and International Wires.


Proven success



in fraud prevention in 2022

The Q2 Sentinel™ solution continues to prove its value to many of our financial institutions (FIs) over the years.

We’ve had the Sentinel program for a number of years, and it has helped protect our customers. We’ve had one $600,000 loss we were able to avoid because of Sentinel.

Scott Jennings
Senior VP and COO


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