Reduce risk, stop fraud, and build trust

Businesses rely on financial institutions (FIs) to provide effective transaction risk management. However, manual processes remain in place at too many FIs, increasing risk and fraud chances amid growing technology crime.


Manual processes no longer mitigate risk and fraud

Faster detection of suspect check and ACH is a must-have today. Not only does a manual approach open more room for trouble, but lessens the revenue opportunities that automated transaction risk management offers.

  • Meet the speed of today’s fraudsters

    Automated positive pay improves the time it takes to review check and ACH activity and prevent fraud.

  • Stop fraud before it even begins

    Invest in a more thorough, best-practices approach to prevent transaction fraud or other malicious digital criminality from happening.

  • Ensure control

    Choose a positive pay or other risk and security solution that allows your FI to define business rules at the account level for monitoring transactions.

  • The best offense: A strategic, proactive defense

    Automation matters, but risk and security protection in commercial banking right now depends on an ever-strategic, multilayer approach with all-encompassing digital protection.

Embrace innovation to protect your business clients

Q2’s comprehensive positive pay and other transaction management and business security solutions offer the weapons against fraud from the growing number of sophisticated bad actors, while helping to position an FI to earn more revenue and establish greater loyalty. On top of these benefits, operational inefficiencies are greatly reduced.


Automate your ACH and check payments review and reporting

More effectively validate transactions with far more efficiency using a positive pay solution that allows your FI to define business rules at the account level for monitoring transactions—and is backed by alerts, analysis tools, and an easier reporting process.

Comprehensive originated ACH fraud protection

Protect business customers against originated ACH payments fraud. Conduct risk reviews that automate the collection of account data and summarize account holders’ ACH activity, core deposit balances, loan positions, and RDC/wire activity.

A full range of highly effective risk and security technology awaits

Q2 applies zero trust, machine learning, endpoint interrogation, access controls, blockchain, and other security technology to monitor user behavior in real time, prevent intrusion, and stop fraudulent activity. On top of our multilayer commitment, we also offer in-depth security insights and OFAC update services.

Transaction risk management for a faster world

  • >$650M in fraud prevention by Q2 transaction risk solutions in 2022
  • >$1.4B in fraud prevention by Q2 transaction risk solutions in 2023
  • “We’re more proactive on the front side in order to mitigate fraud loss by identifying it before it happens (with ETMS). With Q2, everything is streamlined and very user-friendly for our customers. Prior to Q2, the default for Positive Pay would authorize payment for questionable items. That simply doesn’t protect the client or the bank.”

    Jennifer Maggio
    Vice President and Business Solutions Manager
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  • “We deployed PIQS, which streamlines and consolidates data from multiple transaction channels into a single view. It can extract and move an ACH file directly to the Fed in a NACHA format, which has been a game changer.”


    Shon Cass
    Cofounder, EVP and Chief Experience Officer
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