Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company Delivers Fraud Protection with Positive Pay

Q2's Centrix ETMS helps Gulf Coast boost Positive Pay adoption and avoid fraudulent transactions.
  • 20X increase in accounts using Positive Pay
  • Over $2.6M saved YTD in fraudulent transactions
  • Stronger relationships Customers appreciate the bank's vigilance in verifying transactions
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"One of the reasons we went to Q2 was to continue building innovations into our digital banking products. Everything is constantly changing, so if you can't move and change with it, you're going to end up at the back of the line, and that's not where our financial institution wants to be."
Jennifer Maggio, Vice President and Business Solutions Manager

About Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company

New Orleans, Louisiana
Assets Under Management
$3.1 billion
Centrix ETMS, Q2 Sentinel, Q2 Digital Banking Platform


Gulf Coast needed a better solution to protect its customers from fraud.

The bank was keen on identifying fraud loss before it happened, but its previous Positive Pay solution simply didn't protect the client or the bank, oftentimes authorizing payments for questionable items. Additionally, adoption was low—only 75 accounts were using Positive Pay at the time. 


Q2's Centrix ETMS provided a more robust, adoptable Positive Pay solution.

Today, Gulf Coast takes full advantage of Q2's powerful innovation by layering Q2 Centrix ETMS for an even stronger defense. Q2 Sentinel, another risk mitigator, is also embedded into the Q2 digital banking platform, and together with Centrix ETMS provides additional data for Gulf Coast's fraud department and customers. The system has ultimately helped deepen customer relationships.


Since upgrading to Q2 Centrix ETMS, Gulf Coast has achieved the following: 

  • Grew Positive Pay accounts from 75 to over 1,500.
  • Avoided over $2.6M in fraudulent transactions for its customers.
  • Built rapport with customers while protecting them from potential loss.
  • Provided a clean look and feel across multiple devices and innovative features and capabilities comparable to the largest financial institutions. 

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