Q2 timeline
of innovation


Omni-channel platform

Q2 was founded with the vision of creating a single system to support the technology needs of community-focused banks and credit unions. It became a reality when we designed a platform that delivers a complete range of financial services anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Omni-channel platform


Out-of-band authentication

When fraudsters began attacking online banking systems at the user level, Q2 devised one of the best solutions available. With out-of-band authentication, users are kept secure by employing a password as well as secondary confirmation via another device.

Out-of-band authentication


Bill pay business model

Q2 renegotiated Bill Pay agreements, moving from a per-user model to a “per-bill” model. The industry soon followed suit, delivering substantial customer savings.

Bill pay


Flexible core integrations

The Q2 digital platform's capability to integrate with virtually all cores allowed us to serve any financial institution and its account holders while establishing more digital banking options and delivering better financial experiences.

Core integrations


We launched our first Software Development Kit (SDK) for use by Q2 engineers. We ultimately made the SDK available for customers, who would go on to leverage its power and resilience to build custom solutions and serve their account holders even better.



Stopping fraud with Predictive AI

Q2 turned our platform’s robust data into actionable insights for our customers. Analyzing user behavior patterns, our Risk and Fraud Analytics product, Q2 Sentinel, identifies and stops anomalous (possibly fraudulent) transactions before they are executed.

Fraud, AI


Unified User Experience (UUX)

Q2’s commitment to a consistent, unified user experience continued with the release of our Unified User Experience (UUX). Prior architectural investments enabled us to provide full functionality for both consumer and commercial accounts through a single login, with a consistent, intuitive user experience across all devices.

Google, Netflix, and Amazon transformed consumers’ expectations for digital service experiences. Anticipating our customers’ needs for a similarly consistent user experience across devices and features, Q2 made a major architectural investment. The result was a significant step in the evolution of our architecture: a mobile- and user-first experience unmatched in the industry.

Unified User Experience, UUX


Commercial banking

A focus on commercial solutions provided our customers with the ability to respond to growing demands – from multi-wire transfers to batch ACH to wire activity reporting and alerting and much more.



Mobile commercial banking

Our single platform architecture enabled our first mobile banking solution to offer robust commercial functionality like ACH, wires, entitlements, and transaction authorizations. As a result, our customers became better equipped to serve growing businesses in need of flexible banking solutions.

Mobile Commercial


Fraud detection and risk management

To provide financial institutions with products and services to help detect fraud, manage risk, and optimize efficiency, Q2 acquired Centrix Solutions. With a product line that encompasses treasury management, compliance and risk management and bank operations, Centrix provides clients with a broad array of strategic technology solutions.

Fraud Centrix Risk

Personal financial management

Q2 began moving away from the Single Sign-On (SSO) model to directly integrating third party applications into our platform. The combination of our platform’s user experience and easy back-office management with technology like Bill Pay and Personal Financial Management (PFM) has given our customers an edge in acquiring new account holders.



Behavior driven personalization

Building on the success of the behavioral analytics modeling we use in Q2 Sentinel, we developed a unique recommendation engine and messaging platform, Q2 SMART. By leveraging the data FIs already have, Q2 SMART uncovers real needs to help FIs target and engage account holders like never before.

Q2 Sentinel Q2 SMART Personalization


Integrated account opening

With branch visits continuing to drop, digital engagement and onboarding became even more crucial. Our intuitive, low-friction application let account holders set up checking and savings accounts online in a matter of minutes—allowing FIs to connect with consumers who would otherwise be outside of their demographic and geographic reach.

Account opening


Expanded lending

Through the acquisition of Cloud Lending Systems and Q2 Gro, we expanded onboarding even further for both consumer and commercial loans. This evolution provided new opportunities for banks and credit unions to respond to account holder needs while expanding the array of their customers.

Cloud Lending Lending Q2 Gro

Seamless upgrade

We introduced a revolutionary new upgrade approach, reducing downtime to one minute – without interrupting an FI’s existing production environment. This was monumental for Q2 customers, who were able to improve their services without disrupting their account holders’ digital banking experience.

Seamless upgrade


Expanded lending capabilities and data leveraging

Through our PrecisionLender acquisition, banks and credit unions were empowered with instant, data-backed decision making. Andi®, the AI pricing assistant, guided the crafting of highly profitable deals. The addition of the consumer financial well-being tool Q2 Goals empowered banks and credit unions to deepen customer relationships and foster trust.

Andi® Lending Q2 Goals


Re-imagined back office

Q2 Console revolutionized banks’ and credit unions' back-office experience with single sign-on access, real-time digital banking data, and simplified user management.

Q2 Console

Zero-trust security

In response to evolving cyberthreats, we introduced zero-trust network access and data encoding with blockchain tokenization in key areas, significantly enhancing our security posture.

Zero-trust blockchain fraud


Your experience your way: Q2 Innovation Studio

Built on Q2’s flexible, modern, and open digital banking platform, Q2 Innovation Studio launched, enabling banks and credit unions to innovate faster to meet their account holders’ needs and expectations.

Q2 Innovation Studio Open platform

Q2 ClickSwitch

The introduction of ClickSwitch to Q2’s suite of digital banking solutions empowered banks and credit unions to offer an effortless automated bill pay experience while deepening account holder relationships.

Q2 ClickSwitch Bill pay


Q2 Catalyst

Q2 Catalyst, an end-to-end suite of solutions, was launched to help commercial bankers win more deals, onboard clients faster, serve customers better, and grow deeper, more profitable commercial relationships.

Q2 Catalyst commercial


Through the acquisition of Sensibill's award-winning AI-powered platform that captures SKU-level spend data to unlock insights, we helped financial institutions and fintechs better serve their account holders.

Sensibill AI

Helix by Q2

We announced Helix by Q2, a cloud-native core purpose built for embedded finance, letting innovative companies offer differentiated banking products.

Helix by Q2 Embedded finance


The integration of Zones into the Q2 Database has streamlined back-office operations, mergers and acquisitions processes, and more. It enables seamless integration of multiple bank charters with diverse schedules, time zones, and cores into the Q2 platform under a unified instance.

Zones integration


Andi CoPilot platform

Andi was expanded into the Andi® copilot platform, giving banks and credit unions the ability to create solutions using the power of AI.

Andi® AI

Q2 Fabric

Q2 Fabric launched to help banks and credit unions launch bespoke deposit bank brands.

Q2 Fabric

Q2 Marketplace

By leveraging relationships with third-party software developers, Q2 Marketplace™ quickly brought even more innovative solutions to account holders and while helping banks and credit unions generate revenue.

Q2 Marketplace

Instant payments

A focus on the rapidly evolving instant payments rails created – and continues to create – opportunities for improved payments-related user experiences for all customer segments.

Instant payments


Dynamic personalization

Leveraging the power of machine learning, banks and credit unions can better understand account holder needs, then anticipate and deliver personalized experiences at every step of the journey, going beyond traditional banking and deepening account holder relationships. 

Dynamic personalization

Q2 Engage

With the introduction of Q2 Engage, banks and credit unions gained the power to differentiate and thrive through a suite of consumer banking solutions designed to acquire and build lifetime relationships.

Q2 Engage consumer

Whats next?

Q2 customers propel innovation. Their challenges, needs, and goals shape our approach to providing industry-changing solutions.