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Effective implementation of a digital banking platform means a lot more than going live. After all, your brand and your customer relationships are on the line. Q2’s experienced professionals take a strategic approach to your initial implementation, and support your long-term success with ongoing, seamless upgrades.


digital banking customers


go-lives per year.


Supporting your growth strategy

When you work with Q2, you get a lot more than software. We offer a full range of professional services—from strategy and consulting to staffing and dedicated service delivery—to support your long-term success.


Successful partnerships start at implementation


A holistic approach

We take a big-picture view of service delivery. Key areas of focus include a thorough evaluation of your operational readiness, in-depth training for your teams, and communications strategies for internal and external audiences. All so that when it’s time to go-live, you’re prepared to succeed.

Base environment build

Includes base design, core connectivity, and mapping batch and deconversion files.

Configuration and testing

Includes initial data import, detailed client training, pre-production testing, and data mapping and validation. 

Limited production testing

Includes second data import, go-live testing, and testing of marcom and operations. 

Go live hyper care

Includes third data import, deployment of go-live plan, mobile app publishing, and direct logins to your platform

Putting it to the test

Thorough testing and data validation are essential to the effectiveness of the implementation. Our experienced delivery specialists are here to guide customers through these processes and prepare them with our established best practices for success.

Putting the platform to the test

Thorough testing and data validation are essential to the effectiveness of the implementation. Our experienced delivery specialists are here to guide customers through these processes and prepare with our established best practices for success.

“Our partnership with Q2 runs deep. Their team, like all teams, can run into challenges from time to time, but they always come through and we love their culture of engaging with us—no matter our request.”

Tom Novak
VP, Chief Digital Officer
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An integrated Q2 team, built for your success

  • Delivery manager
  • Project manager
  • Training specialist
  • Senior consultant
  • Test lead
  • Data migration lead
  • Products lead
  • Implementation engineer

Transparency and teamwork build trust

Any successful platform implementation depends on effective coordination between our teams and yours. We work hard to ensure that a shared understanding of the definition of success, inclusive of business objectives and expectations, is maintained.  We understand the importance of role clarity and consistent visibility into progress and key metrics that drive decision making. 

  • White-glove launch support

    In addition to the standard team of experts running your project, you can work with our Advisory Services experts. They go the extra mile in preparing you and your account holders for a seamless launch: preparing your call center staff, creating additional marketing communication plans and materials, testing the system pre-launch with your bankers and your most valuable commercial customers, and more.

Continuous delivery for long-term success

Our continuous delivery model is designed to keep your Q2 systems working optimally and enable you to rapidly roll out high quality products and services with less burden.

Seamless upgrades

To keep customers up to date, we regularly deploy updates that enhance security, patch bugs, optimize performance, and more. Best of all, these updates are almost entirely seamless, posing little to no burden on you or disruption to your operations. You still control when and how customer-facing enhancements get deployed.


The value of staying current

Seamless upgrades get updates completed faster with less burden on your staff and customers or members, and much more.


faster upgrades


reduction in development and engineering cases


reduction of submitted cases for upgrades


minutes of downtime for upgrades

Accelerate your roadmap with a dedicated team

We partner with some of the world’s most progressive and tech-forward financial institutions. For Q2 customers with an aggressive innovation roadmap, our Integrated Services group can provide a dedicated team to execute major innovation projects faster and more cost-effectively than they can on their own. 

Launching new products

Historically, deploying new digital banking products has been a slow and complex proposition. We use a multipronged strategy to beat the backlog and give you optionality to deliver innovation faster:

Global teams

We have delivery teams in offices around the globe, giving you highly trained, experienced teams working around the clock to deploy new functionality faster. 

Channel partners

We certify a roster of third-party development partners that give us more collective delivery capacity—and you more options to deploy new capabilities.

Regular productization

We gather common custom feature requests and productize them into standard solutions that can plug and play with minimal customization required.

Advanced automation and self-service tools

We’re expanding our toolset to make it quick and easy to perform routine tasks without engaging our team directly. 


Managing enterprise technology projects

Digital banking is central to your technology stack and your business. Every week, our expert enterprise team runs mergers, acquisitions, core conversion projects, and other significant events that require a highly orchestrated combination of strategic insight and technical expertise.