Stop selling treasury services short

Establishing relationship primacy and generating more non-interest income are critical objectives. It’s time to invest in a treasury pricing solution that can help you reach those goals.  

Q2 Premium Treasury Pricing unlocks your deal team’s potential

Deliver contextual deal coaching

Andi® , our virtual advisor, delivers timely insights to Treasury Officers while they're pricing deals, pointing out product dependencies, profitability tradeoffs, market benchmarks, and more.


See the full relationship value

Now you can see each relationship's credits, deposits and treasury services, making it easy to understand the impact on the relationship - and the portfolio - if the opportunity is won or lost.


Foster collaboration and referrals

Leverage flexible role permissions and access to each opportunity stage. Streamline multiple systems and opportunity types in your CRM into a single relationship opportunity.


Streamline the pricing process

No more combing through massive spreadsheets, hunting for information. Manual data re-entries are also eliminated, avoiding costly mistakes.


Proven success

"Q2 PrecisionLender allows our bankers to identify cross-sell opportunities by giving them more visibility into which treasury management and merchant services products our business customers have. Actionable insights help drive increased share of wallet and non-interest income growth.”

Alyssa Hostelly
Senior VP & Division Manager, First Hawaiian Bank
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