Offer commercial banking that businesses want

Serve commercial customers of all sizes with market-leading, mobile-enabled commercial banking delivered on one configurable, extensible platform. Then, choose from among our end-to-end digital capabilities to fit your financial institution’s goals and your commercial customers’ needs.

Banking services
that matter

Businesses today are focused on doing more with less—less labor, less time, and less waste. They need the same from their banking relationships.

Tailored experiences

Make each commercial customer feel like your most important one by targeting market segments with banking packages built for their unique needs.

Payments from A to Z

Payments are a critical aspect of any business. Q2 enables you to provide secure, reliable payment options, from ACH to the new instant payments rails.

Integration that drives efficiency

Streamline accounting processes by seamlessly integrating your digital banking platform with your commercial customers’ accounting systems. 

Offer commercial banking that businesses want

Serve commercial customers of all sizes with market-leading, mobile-enabled commercial banking delivered on one configurable, extensible platform.

Tailored test drives

Let them try before they buy
It’s more than a demo. It’s a real-life experience. With Q2 Interactive Test Drive, your commercial customers and prospects can try out new banking capabilities in a mock-up of their own environment. Put them in the driver’s seat and let your banking products and services sell themselves.

Treasury onboarding transformed

Create efficiencies with seamless process flow 

Unlock productivity, enhance customer experience, and drive revenue faster with Q2 Treasury Fulfillment.

Positive pay

A powerful tool to battle check fraud

Companies of all sizes continue to battle check fraud, and many are looking to their financial institution to help. With Centrix® Exact/TMS™, your commercial customers have a powerful tool to validate payment-related information, manage exceptions, and create custom reports.

Instant payments

Speed is just the starting point

With Q2 Instant payments, businesses can take advantage of the robust messaging capabilities provided by the RTP® and FedNow instant payments networks.

Even more valuable than the ability to send and receive payments in real time at any time, instant payments enable remittance information to travel with the payment throughout the payment life cycle, streamlining accounts payable/accounts receivable processes.


Every payment type for every need

Meet your commercial customers’ payment needs no matter what they are, whether it’s advanced ACH or wire capabilities for paying suppliers or paying taxes, or it’s cross-border money movement to support international business interests.


Give the right access to the right people

Information is power, and your financial institution has a plethora of it. Our entitlements feature helps you ensure the right people have access to the information they need to make critical decisions.


Information your customers can act on

By understanding the banking data at their fingertips, your commercial customers have better control of their finances. Q2 Information Reporting provides them easy-to-understand reports on all activity within their accounts.

ERP integration and direct payables

Integration creates efficiency

For most mid-size to large companies, the labor-intensive, manual process of reconciling the accounting system with the digital banking platform is a picture of inefficiency. You can remove that burden by seamlessly integrating customers’ digital banking platform with their ERP accounting systems, as well as providing direct payables and reports via API or file exchange.

Best-in-class cash management

“Clients often comment that the vendor is a true partner and that its focus on a limited product set enables greater investment and innovation.”

Christine Barry and Paul Kizirian
2023 Aite Matrix: U.S. Cash Management Technology Providers Vendor Assessment



“Best-in-class” leader in the Aite Matrix: Leading U.S. Cash Management Technology Providers vendor assessment, 2023"


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