Be more than a bank.

Consumers are looking for more than just checking accounts or debit cards.

They’re looking for quick, intuitive account opening, easy online borrowing, seamless security, and financial wellness tools and advice—including new ways to save, send money, and make purchases.

Consumers are looking for more than just checking accounts or debit cards.

They’re looking for quick, intuitive account opening, easy online borrowing, seamless security, and financial wellness tools and advice—including new ways to save, send money, and make purchases.

Your account holders are on a lifelong financial journey full of stops and starts, twists and turns. They’re going to need a lot—and they’re going to need it simply, quickly, and in ways that fit their lives.

Make this happen, and they’ll keep you by their side throughout their journey.

Are you ready?

Begin with the basics.

Grab new account holders with a frictionless four-minute account opening—but don’t stop there. Give them all of the experiences and features that they want, while building loyalty, engagement, and revenue for your institution.

Offer your account holders a personalized and intuitive banking experience that puts everything they need on the devices they depend on.

They don’t want to bounce between applications to manage their finances. Be the quick-and-easy one-stop shop for all their financial needs.

Behavioral analytics make it easier than ever to understand your account holders, so you can offer them the right products at the right time.

Frictionless account opening makes abandonment a thing of the past and drives deposit growth and engagement.


Target account holders more accurately with relevant, timely services. You’ll build stronger, more profitable relationships.

Competition is fierce and users’ attention is spread across multiple providers. Bring them back with better experiences and a cohesive, comprehensive set of solutions.

Launch a digital bank brand.

Capture deposits from digital-first account holders by launching a challenger bank in parallel with your existing core.

Many account holders want the convenience of a digital-only experience.

Provide services to people without a traditional banking relationship.

Our cloud-based core is capable of supporting the latest features in digital banking.

Offer a branded, digital-only solution where your competitors aren't.

Capture underbanked deposits before the challenger banks do.

Our cloud-based core offers low operating costs for increased profitability.

Provide them with more than a loan.

Provide a car or an education or a better life.

If your lending process feels more like a roadblock than a milestone, they’ll find another route. Keep them on the right path with fast, automated, and configurable lending solutions that save them time and drive revenue for you.

Borrowers don’t want to fill out lengthy application forms. They want streamlined mobile experiences.

When they need money, they need it now. A lot of borrowers choose non-FI lenders—even with higher interest rates—because they’re fast.

In-branch, customer service is king. Extend your exceptional service capabilities into digital channels.

Simplify and automate origination, underwriting, servicing, and more in a single system of record for all your lending operations.

Quickly create new loan products to immediately meet market and regulatory needs. Make it happen with configurable lending solutions.

Approve and fund loans immediately without sacrificing compliance or creating credit risk—with automation and centrally enforced credit policy.

Offer what they want, when they want it.

They’re used to one-stop ecosystems that understand their needs and deliver everything with the push of a button. Live up to their expectations.

Your account holders want a single, simple, and trusted ecosystem to help them meet their goals.

Users expect sleek workflows and immediate onboarding. If they can’t get it from you, they’ll go elsewhere.

Your account holders want you to know them; don’t flood their inboxes with irrelevant offers and ads.

Offer a universal marketplace experience and e-commerce checkout to create a powerful cross-sell pipeline.

Frictionless onboarding with simple workflows and ID scanning can reduce abandonment and significantly boost conversions.

Build relationships and transform account holders’ lives. Offer relevant, timely content and services to help them achieve their goals.

Keep them safe without adding hurdles.

Consumers don’t want to think about security. They expect you to have it handled. Keep them safe without complicating their experiences.

Don’t let security interfere with experiences; make logging in secure without sacrificing simplicity.

Behavioral analytics detect and stop suspicious transactions in real-time, and machine learning reduces false positives.

Obsolete responses to cybercrime don’t inspire confidence. Account holders want to know you have the expertise and technology to keep them safe.

Compliance doesn’t have to be so hard. Simplify Reg E with automated dispute tracking to reduce your back-office burden.

Monitor transactions, logins, devices, and more to build a picture of each users’ normal behavior—making it easy to spot suspicious activity.

Don’t just react to threats, get ahead of them with proactive solutions—including blockchain technology that fragments and scatters data to prevent unauthorized access.

Build relationships and grow deposits.

Acquiring new consumer accounts is tough and costly, so make the most of them. Build those relationships by locking down direct deposits and recurring payments. With our automated account switching solutions, it’s fast and easy to fully onboard, engage, and grow relationships.

Give your account holders a fast, digital way to switch their direct deposits and recurring payments to their preferred account at your financial institution.

Consumers don’t want piecemeal finances. Make it easy to do everything in one place. You can even automate the initiation of legacy account closure at their previous institutions.

Traditional direct deposit switching is cumbersome, slow, manual—and different for every employer. Make it consistent, fast, digital, and friction free.

Capture direct deposits and recurring payments with streamlined, digital solutions—making accounts more engaged and profitable.

Build primary relationships with new, existing, and even otherwise idle accounts.

Make your FI’s cards top of wallet and capture recurring payments to increase engagement and boost interchange revenue.

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