Building Stronger Communities Through Experiential Learning: Q2 Internship Programs

Building Stronger Communities Through Experiential Learning: Q2 Internship Programs

By Q2

30 Nov, 2020

Every year, students searching for an excellent internship experience #Come2Q2 to learn and work at a mission-driven company with a rare, engaging culture. With four programs to choose among, Q2’s internship opportunities provide meaningful and practical learning experiences that foster professional networks, collaboration, and service – readying participants for success in the global, digital workplace (and even consideration for potential employment opportunities at Q2 when their internships are complete).

Since 2012, Q2’s flagship Summer Internship Program has given more than 150 students from 22 higher-ed institutions educational and career experience at Q2’s headquarters. In 2020, the fallout of COVID-19 saw many internship programs put on hold or even canceled, but Q2 was committed to empowering and educating its intern class. With offers already extended to interns, Q2 moved the program to the digital channel. Like the rest of Q2’s workforce, summer interns experienced their orientation, training, and work on respective teams entirely remotely.

Technology (and beyond)

While Q2 is a technology company, it takes many teams to make a global organization tick. In addition to tech teams like development and cybersecurity, more than 25 teams across Q2 hire summer interns, from marketing to finance to support. And while interns dig deep into their field of study, they also learn a host of useful skills designed to benefit them professionally, including resume creation, interviewing skills, conflict management, team interaction, and interacting with executives.

A different kind of company

Building strong and diverse communities is at the heart of Q2’s culture. In 2020, Q2 interns exemplified this mission through a new community service component that saw interns take part in more than 30 virtual or minimal-contact volunteer opportunities. What’s more, interns experience how Q2 supports its internal communities through one of its biggest differentiators – its culture. In 2020, Q2 supported its team members through various virtual activities, including yoga, cooking lessons, workout sessions, movie nights, guided meditation, and many more.

More options for diverse learners

One size doesn’t fit all. That’s why, in addition to the summer internship program, Q2 provides three more types of internships, designed to provide targeted learning experiences in tech. While the summer program is a comprehensive, full-time program, the following opportunities offer a chance to participate in Q2’s culture and community, but with an eye trained more closely on specific learning topics. These internships are offered on a revolving basis and include:

  • The Q2 Externship Program presented via formal partnerships with educational institutions provides valuable experiential data science learning opportunities.
  • The Q2 Co-Op Program offers practical cybersecurity work experience with Q2’s Integrated Operations Center.
  • The Code2College Program provides coding experience from Q2’s development team. (Visit the Code2College website for more information.)

Discover Q2 internship opportunities

2020 has demonstrated that circumstances can shift quickly and unexpectedly. How internships are presented may continue to change, but Q2’s commitment to developing competent and talented interns persists. To investigate and apply to available internship opportunities, visit


Written by Q2