On demand webinar: Delivering real value to asset finance companies

On demand webinar: Delivering real value to asset finance companies

By Q2

4 May, 2020

Watch our highly popular on demand webinar “From hype to reality – the trailblazing technology platforms and ecosystems that deliver next-generation asset finance.” And hear firsthand from industry experts how next-generation asset finance systems future proof companies against uncertainty, like COVID-19 disruption.

The event features expert guidance from:

  • Close Brothers CIO Tony Sweeney
  • Conga Digital Transformation Officer Ash Finnegan
  • Q2 Cloud Lending Managing Director EMEA Ben Sher

Digital platforms and the business ecosystems they enable are greatly benefiting many asset finance organisations and their customers. These innovative technologies are facilitating better engagement, deepening relationships, and amid the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing needed asset financing to stressed businesses. Hear the panel discuss building a successful technology strategy and implementing it to deliver real value.

Panelist Tony Sweeney said, “We are an asset finance company, not a technology company, and we want to make sure the technology won’t limit us. Taking things off the shelf from the common Salesforce platform speeds up our integration. That commonality is at the core of what we want to do. This is our baseline and the opportunity for growth is only as limited as the available choice of apps and our budget.”

Sweeney goes on to emphasise, “New tools like Cloud Lending and Conga are allowing our people to become closer to customers and spend more time supporting them.”

Benefit from a high-value technology strategy.


Written by Q2