Learn About the Q2 Certification Program

Learn About the Q2 Certification Program

By Dawn Lazarony | SVP of Q2 Service Delivery

26 Jul, 2023

Among the many exciting events at CONNECT 23, was the launch of Q2’s new Certification Program, which was designed in response to our customers’ desires to bolster their technical and business acumen. The program is aimed at maximizing the impact of Q2 products and solutions, better supporting end users on the Q2 platform, empowering end-to-end digital transformation and driving new revenue streams. 

The Certification Program offers five tracks: 

  • Q2 Operator Certification — strengthens customers’ understanding of our platform, products and self-serve opportunities. Operators will learn how to troubleshoot and resolve issues through relevant Q2 products and systems, while gaining technical acumen for faster time to resolution and reduced disruption to their operations.  
  • Q2 Strategist Certification — for financial institution employees seeking to develop and implement a digital banking strategy that amplifies their institution’s brand presence in the marketplace, increases revenue while building new revenue streams and optimizes critical business operations. In pursuit of these objectives, this class focuses primarily on how Q2 can help organizations drive customer adoption and engagement to reach its unique revenue and optimization goals.
  • Q2 Developer Certification — for developers looking to expand their awareness and usage of the Q2 SDK environment. This certification track is offered as a three-day immersive course that takes participants through various SDK fundamentals with each day focusing on a new environment layer and level of enablement. Participants will learn how to code in the Q2 SDK and become well-versed in the extensions and business models available within the Q2 Innovation Studio.
  • Q2 Consumer Certification — for financial institution employees responsible for selling and supporting digital banking features such as SMART, Discover, EVE and Console. This certification track provides comprehensive training and explores real-world use cases for advanced digital banking offerings that allow financial institution employees to make data-informed decisions, market more effectively to end users and support end users with more strategic insights. 
  • Q2 Commercial Certification — focuses on best practices for operational and back-office activities related to commercial banking (such as the group/customer/user data hierarchy, reporting and data mining opportunities) and key commercial feature sets leveraged by end users. Participants will obtain working knowledge on marketing to, onboarding and supporting SMB and commercial customers with a focus on corresponding feature sets within the Q2 platform.

How to get certified

Each track consists of three sub-tracks, each of which generally have three classes. The classes run approximately two hours and are followed by an exam. Participants must complete all three associated sub-tracks in order to be certified.

As participants work toward certification, they’ll earn incremental badges of achievement. Once the full track is completed, participants will receive the official certification badge that signifies the highest level of expertise. All badges can be displayed on LinkedIn profiles. 


Participants will master their knowledge and skill sets in areas such as:

  • Maximizing the impact of Q2 products and solutions
  • Supporting customers more effectively on the Q2 platform
  • Empowering end-to-end digital transformation
  • Driving new revenue streams and growing new verticals

Upon receiving a certification, participants will be poised to become their institution’s leader in driving strategic business initiatives and will be recognized as the resident expert of their given speciality. 

To learn more or to register, please contact your customer success manager.