Staying True to Our Mission: Strengthening Communities by Supporting You

Staying True to Our Mission: Strengthening Communities by Supporting You

By Q2

4 May, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t changed Q2’s mission to strengthen communities by strengthening the financial institutions that serve them. It has changed some of the ways we work and interact with one another, however. When it comes to Q2’s volunteerism and community engagement efforts, we’ve increased our mission both outward and inward. We’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure we’re continuing our work as an organization to support our FIs, others in the community who need help, and our Q2 team members and their families.

Support for FIs

FIs are delivering unmatched levels of support while adapting to the new normal brought upon by social distancing and remote work. They’re providing vital services in a critical time. Driven by our mission, the Q2 team understands how important it is for account holders, their families, and businesses to have access to their trusted financial institution and their financial accounts. We’re dedicated to partnering with our customer FIs so they can continue to provide the security and peace of mind their customers and members need as they go about their daily lives. We are dedicated to listening to our customers, and responding with significant support for FIS during this remarkable moment in time, including:

Community support that matters now

In direct response to the challenges happening in communities, Q2 is responding by sharing charitable financial support as well as our personal time and talents:

  • As events across the country moved to virtual platforms, our annual CONNECT client conference is no exception. Thanks to the reduced costs associated with the decision to shift to a series of events hosted in the digital channel, Q2 will make a $25,000 donation to support a COVID-19 pandemic relief organization.
  • Q2 team members pooled their resources to support a charity that’s close to home for our Austin headquarters: The Central Texas Food Bank. By donating to the food bank’s #BuyABox campaign, the Q2 team made it possible for 92 families to receive the help they need during this difficult time.
  • Q2 is also working to support essential employees as they provide critical assistance to the community. “Many Q2 team members have given their time and talents to create masks for healthcare workers, first responders, and others in need," Q2 Community and Culture Champion Kelley Coffman said.

Support for the Q2 Team

As of March 4, 100 percent of Q2’s workforce is working from home. To maintain a foundation of support for our internal teams, Q2 leaders are relying on digital communication methods to connect with team members across the globe. Through regular Health and Safety communications, candid leadership vlogs, digital “Q-mmunity” giving tools, and other internal programs designed to provide employee support, we’re working to make sure our most valuable resources—Q2 team members—remain safe, secure, and engaged.

These are just a few of the ways Q2 is tailoring its responses to the COVID-19 pandemic from a cultural standpoint. As events continue to unfold, Q2 will maintain its focus on keeping its internal teams healthy, assisting communities in need, and delivering on our ongoing promise to our customer FIs. For us, our mission remains clear—and it’s more important than ever.


Written by Q2