Tackling the Industry Backlog Together: A Look Inside Q2’s Certified Development Partner Program

Tackling the Industry Backlog Together: A Look Inside Q2’s Certified Development Partner Program

By Q2

25 Feb, 2021

Let’s face it, there’s an industry-wide backlog when it comes to delivering new digital functionality. The pressure to deliver in the digital channel continues to accelerate, but legacy technology—the way it's developed, integrated, and deployed—makes it feel almost impossible for most FIs to keep pace.

This backlog creates a lot of tension for FI leaders. Account holders and board members don't care about the challenges of legacy banking technology; they just expect great digital experiences. That pressure then gets passed down the line, often making innovation backlog the greatest point of tension between an FI and their vendor.

Thankfully, flexibility and more immediate innovation are possible. In fact, they can be downright easy. We’re removing barriers to innovation with the Certified Development Partner Program, which not only offers customers the same powerful development tools we use in-house with the Innovation Studio, but also pairs them with vetted third-party developers who help deliver a broad range of custom functionality in record time. The result is that any Q2 customer can take the pace and direction of their digital innovation into their own hands without requiring a single developer on staff.

Our Chief Strategy Officer Will Furrer sat down with Andrew Tull, partner at Tailwind Business Ventures, a custom development shop and Q2 Certified Development Partner. They explored some tangible ways Q2’s partner program has expedited production, all while helping Tailwind boost their pipeline.

Along with a handful of other impressive results, Tull stated that overall, “the program has made it possible for us to start moving on a project right away…often in a matter of weeks versus months and under budget.” If you’re like the majority of FIs or developers fatigued by lagging implementation timelines, you’re probably pleased to hear this. We certainly were!

The story doesn’t stop there. For a closer look at Tailwind’s experience as a Certified Development Partner, check out the full conversation in our latest Fireside Chat—and be on the lookout for Part 2, where we hear from a successful credit union on the customer’s point of view.

Click here to read the full Fireside Chat with Tailwind


Written by Q2