By Snehal Fulzele, SVP & General Manager, Cloud Lending

Change is good. I believe this with all of my heart because I see the good it creates. And, unlike many who talk about change in the abstract, I have lived it. From starting a scratchy startup in 2013 to growing it rapidly with our customers, learning from our customers, and then joining that company with Q2 – I can honestly say that change has been good for Cloud Lending, our customers, and partners.

The impact digital lending has on people, businesses, and communities is amazing and visible, and sometimes generational. It helps individuals who need access to money for medical emergencies. It helps a small business stay afloat by accelerating access to payroll loans. Or it helps a company get the funds it needs to expand inventory to fill more orders – and ultimately hire more people. I’m driven by building great teams to use modern technology and bring these stories of fantastic change to as many as I can.

Cloud Lending has achieved great things – and will continue long into the future – this is why I am excited to announce our brand transformation is complete, and from this point onwards, we are officially part of the “one Q2” brand. The first step of this transition has been the rollout of the new website in early June. We are beginning to phase out the name of Cloud Lending or CL from our product names, social media sites, and the logos. This evolution means there is one company website, and the Cloud Lending website has ceased to function – re-directing to Our social media sites will also fold into Q2 very soon.

I want to highlight to our existing customers that as part of Q2, we have more comprehensive access to resources, a clear path of growing our teams globally, and delivering incrementally superior experiences. We have already more than doubled our workforce since becoming part of Q2 in Oct 2018. There will not be any fundamental shift in the way we communicate, operate, design, build, or solve problems. And above all, there will be no change to the amazing culture of respect, service, and diversity we have created. But we are joining together visually with the great team we have with Q2 – it’s a natural evolution.

I am genuinely excited to see the next phase of growth for Cloud Lending and all our employees. I have tremendous faith and positivity around the power of change to enable good – and this is no exception.


Written by Q2