BankOnPurpose Wraps With Reminders to Be Deliberate

BankOnPurpose Wraps With Reminders to Be Deliberate

By Cheryl Brown

18 Nov, 2022

The final day of the Q2 BankOnPurpose thought leadership conference yesterday brought messages of intention and, of course, purposefulness.

The morning kicked off with Adam Blue, EVP and chief technology officer for Q2, in a talk aptly named, “Don’t Forget About Slow.” With real-world anecdotes including why he frequents his local butcher shop and how the size of cargo ships affected our ability to buy everyday goods at Walmart, he reiterated the central message that in a world of “go fast,” sometimes it’s much more important to slow down, be deliberate, and think things through.

“Even when you're doing something you need to do rapidly, thinking about your exit speed is much more important than thinking about your entry speed,” he said.
You can hear more from Blue on the topic in this recent The Purposeful Banker podcast.
The theme continued with a panel discussion about “Doing Digital: A Modern Bank’s Guide to Thrive.” As with most conversations over the past three days, the discussion quickly turned away from technology to focus on people.

Farrukh Aman of Scotiabank reiterated a common issue discussed among conference goers this week: employee training. He emphasized that no matter how good the technology is at a financial institution, it all comes down to whether the people can and will use it to the organization’s advantage.

"PrecisionLender is beautiful, but if you don't understand pricing, it's not going to do much for you. It requires constant training and retraining,” he said.

However, Katherine Weislogel of Synovus Bank said technology is a crucial aspect of attracting skilled candidates to fill important roles, such as relationship managers (RMs). “We've started to be called in to talk to RM candidates (about our technology and road map) because they want to know what we have,” she said.

The morning ended with a keynote from Tiffani Bova, global growth evangelist for Salesforce and author of the bestselling book, Growth IQ.

Bova shared some sobering stats around what she termed the customer success gap: 75% of companies say they're customer-centric, but only 30% of customers agree. She reinforced that the key to growth for financial institutions – or any company – in a tough market is how customers feel about them. And for the most successful companies, how customers feel directly correlates with how employees feel.

That idea brought us back around to another key theme of conference conversations: investing in employee development.

“Some people say, ‘What if we develop the employees and they leave?’ The bigger question is what if you don't and they stay?” she said.

In an increasingly uncertain economic climate, Bova’s parting thoughts on building a great company culture were a powerful way to conclude a special week.

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While this year’s event is officially wrapped, you can always visit the BankOnPurpose website for videos of past conference speakers—and look for this year’s videos to be uploaded in the coming weeks.

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Cheryl Brown

Written by Cheryl Brown

Cheryl Brown is a Q2 marketing content strategist and producer of The Purposeful Banker podcast. After earning a bachelor’s degree in journalism from University of North Texas, she did a short stint in newspapers before turning her focus to corporate communications and marketing, especially in the financial services industry. For over two decades, she has penned marketing content and thought leadership for a variety of financial services technology providers. Cheryl's been a Girl Scout volunteer for almost 20 years, and currently leads three troops – Cadettes, Juniors, and Brownies.