Celebrating Data Privacy Every Day – How Q2 Protects Customers and Their Account Holders

Celebrating Data Privacy Every Day – How Q2 Protects Customers and Their Account Holders

By Q2

28 Jan, 2021

By Q2 Data Protection Officer Tom Matzen and Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer Suzette Junier

Today is International Data Privacy Day, a global celebration commemorating the signing of Convention 108 – the first international treaty that addresses privacy and data protection and empowers individuals and businesses to “respect privacy, safeguard data, and enable trust.”

While January 28 is just one day, Q2 recognizes the importance of data privacy every day. Respect for and protection of personal data for our employees and our customers is one of Q2’s core values. From the Q2 Board of Directors to every team member, Q2 takes its commitment to privacy seriously while taking great pride in helping to keep our customers and their account holders safe. All Q2 employees are also required to complete annual privacy and data security training.

If you collect it, protect it – Account holder data protection tips

A common pillar of successful data privacy programs is the mantra “if you collect it, protect it.” It’s a common understanding that if your organization collects and possesses personal data, it’s responsible for ensuring it is protected from both unauthorized outside forces and unlawful internal uses. Q2 understands the importance of its responsibility to protect collected data. Q2 has been entrusted with extremely valuable information and considers itself a guardian of it. In keeping with this understanding, the following tips can help your account holders keep personal data safe.

  1. Make sure all security and antivirus software updates are current. When alerted to perform an update, do so as soon as possible.
  2. Use complex passwords and change them as required. Q2 has implemented a strong and complex password policy for company devices.
  3. Use WiFi carefully and only use secured networks. Public WiFi networks, such as hotels, coffee shops, and restaurants, pose a risk and should only be used as a last resort.
  4. Don’t open emails, attachments, banner ads, or anything else that looks suspicious or you don't recognize. Phishing scams and other related fraud strategies are becoming more sophisticated, so stay alert.
  5. Keep your company devices secure, use hotel safes when traveling, and contact your IT support team immediately if a device is lost.
  6. Use company devices for work and avoid placing work-related materials on personal devices.
  7. Share with care. Think before posting anything online. Remember, once something has been posted, it will likely live forever.

Q2 respects team members' and customers' privacy rights and celebrates International Data Privacy Day to remind team members of the significant responsibility to protect customer data. And, it's a fitting time for Q2 to provide resources designed to help customers and their account holders keep data secure and safe.

Happy International Data Privacy Day!


Written by Q2