Start Following PrecisionLender on Q2’s Social Media!

Start Following PrecisionLender on Q2’s Social Media!

By Q2

27 Jul, 2021

When Q2 acquired PrecisionLender in November 2019, we took a deliberate approach to bringing them into the fold. PrecisionLender was already a well-known name in commercial banking, so we wanted financial institutions to get familiar with the Q2-PrecisionLender pairing before further integrating the two brands.

We'll be taking one of those initial steps at the end of August, when we shut down PrecisionLender-branded social media accounts. But you can still keep up with PrecisionLender news and content, via Q2 social media.

So, be sure to follow Q2 on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And of course, you can always get plenty of content at

Just as we did recently with ClickSWITCH, bringing PrecisionLender into the Q2 family is another step in our mission – to build strong and diverse communities by strengthening their financial institutions.

It’s about more than just sharing the same social media platforms, of course. Since adding PrecisionLender to Q2’s portfolio of commercial solutions, we’ve been hard at work integrating their products, and building new ones that help financial institutions stay ahead in a hyper-competitive market.

At Q2, we’ve always believed that change is good. So, we’re really excited for this next chapter in our Q2 story, and for all the new ways we’ll be able to serve our customers, build better experiences, and enable choice, change, and innovation.


Written by Q2