By Carlos Carvajal, Q2 CMO

The next Connections event is scheduled for Wednesday, June 16. Q2 speakers will cover four key topics that are relevant and timely for your business.

  • Turn Weeks into Hours with Turbocharged Treasury Onboarding Even after a year of everything going digital, it still takes the average financial institution 20-30 days (and too much paper shuffling) to fully onboard a treasury client. The bad news: customer expectations are radically different now; they demand speed and convenience. The good news: you can turn a weeks-long process into a few friction-free hours of digital engagement.

    Join us to learn how Q2’s Treasury Onboarding can help you digitize everything from sales to due diligence to business account opening. We can help you start commercial banking relationships off on the right foot and increase their value over time.
  • Lend Like a Fintech: Using Convenience to Win SMB Loans
    For a decade, traditional banks and credit unions have been losing small business lending opportunities to fintechs. And in the last few years, these challengers have been increasing their market share despite offering higher interest rates. Borrowers are choosing convenient, fully digital experiences over traditional lending, even at a premium.

    Join us to learn how the global pandemic and lessons from PPP have primed the market for another major shift—and how you can win in the business lending market with fast, friction-free digital experiences.
  • The Q2 Partner Marketplace: Snap in New Revenue-Generating Products
    There’s unprecedented pressure on banks and credit unions to innovate quickly and offer a comprehensive suite of digital services. To meet this need, Q2 Partner Marketplace enables you to add select, pre-integrated fintech products into your digital channel in just a few clicks. When a consumer or small business purchases that service, you earn a share of the revenue. 

    In this session, you’ll learn how Q2 Marketplace extends your digital offerings, drives stickier relationships, and creates a new stream of recurring non-interest income. 
  • Digital Account Switching: Best Practices for Profitable Consumer Relationships 
    The race for consumer deposits has never been tighter but acquiring and retaining profitable consumer relationships may be simpler than you think. In this session, ClickSWITCH founder Cale Johnston will share how, by automating direct deposit and recurring payment setup for account holders, financial providers can create sticky, profitable consumer relationships.  

    Cale will be joined by sales manager Adam Pearl who will demo the ClickSWITCH solution suite. 

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