Welcome to the Family: Keep Following ClickSWITCH through Q2

Welcome to the Family: Keep Following ClickSWITCH through Q2

By Q2

14 Jul, 2021

In April, Q2 announced its acquisition of ClickSWITCH and, since then, we’ve been busy. Not only have we been hard at work integrating ClickSWITCH into Q2’s digital banking platform, but we’re also working towards integrating ClickSWITCH’s brand into Q2’s.

This means we’ll soon be saying goodbye to ClickSWITCH.com and ClickSWITCH-branded social media accounts. But don’t worry, you can still keep up with ClickSWITCH through Q2.com and Q2’s social media presence.

We’re thrilled to bring ClickSWITCH fully into the Q2 family, as we continue to grow and fulfill our mission – to build strong and diverse communities by strengthening their financial institutions.

And together, we’re working to strengthen the ClickSWITCH solution set you know and love, and using ClickSWITCH in all new ways across Q2’s broader portfolio to solve new challenges for financial institutions, fintechs, and their account holders.

At Q2, we’ve always believed that change is good. So, we’re really excited for this next chapter in our Q2 story, and for all the new ways we’ll be able to serve our customers, build better experiences, and enable choice, change, and innovation.

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Written by Q2