The pandemic has forced us to adjust, identifying new ways to meet and share information. This year, we were thrilled to partner with three top-tier sponsors as we pivoted to the digital channel to present our 2-day Connections event in November. SavvyMoney has continued to be a valuable partner and again, this year was a Featured Sponsor for Connections. We deeply appreciate SavvyMoney’s continued support and partnership. 

The Power of Partnership 

SavvyMoney was added to Q2’s Consumer Financial Wellness strategy in 2020 as a complement to our two existing products, Contextual PFM – which is focused on tracking of historical spending, and Q2 Goals – which prompts users to take proactive steps in planning for future needs. SavvyMoney addresses a need in our strategy through their credit health and monitoring tools that improve people’s financial journeys. Q2 chose to partner with a best-in-class solution in today’s market and SavvyMoney has proven to be a phenomenal partner. 

From everyone at Q2, we want to extend our most sincere thanks to SavvyMoney for helping make Connections a success! 

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Written by Q2