Exploring Internal Disruption: DLL’s Digital Transformation in Equipment Finance and Partnership with Q2

Exploring Internal Disruption: DLL’s Digital Transformation in Equipment Finance and Partnership with Q2

By Q2

5 Oct, 2020

Typically, disruptions come from without, not within. They’re negative events (at least for the disrupted) driven by a sudden change in circumstances or a newer, more-agile competitor.

For a different take on disruption, join The Monitor’s Live+ Lightning Talk at 3 p.m. EDT on Thursday, October 8. This month’s webinar, “How to Disrupt Your Own Business—a DLL Case Study,” will be hosted by Mukul Mittal, Q2’s vice president of leasing. Rafe Rosato, chief innovation officer at DLL, a global leader in equipment and technology asset finance, will join the talk. During their conversation, Rosato will offer a firsthand account of how DLL used disruption to digitally transform its business.

Mittal will explain why this type of disruption—which was strategically planned to achieve a digital transformation—is worth initiating. Then Rosato will present a case study highlighting how and why DLL was successful.

These thought leaders will reveal why digital transformation requires change that is all-encompassing and supported across the organization. According to Mittal, digital transformation tools and guidance are now in great demand, as the pandemic has exposed significant gaps in customer-facing technology and business operations.

But as Rosato can attest from his experience at DLL, transformation should be a continuous journey focused on long-term flexibility and growth, not a finite, tactical project or a temporary workaround during a crisis. He will show how organizations such as DLL are succeeding in digital transformation with a strategy that builds on existing systems while securing commitment at every level of the company’s hierarchy.

According to Mittal, openness and agility are needed for innovation and reinvention to take hold. The stakes could not be higher, as only the most efficient and effective companies will be able to survive, compete for, and seize emerging opportunities through the current crisis and beyond.

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Attendees will learn both the theory behind disruption from Mittal and how Rosato saw deliberate disruption unfold and enable DLL’s digital transformation. DLL disrupted its business model from the inside and was able to maintain a smooth flow of business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what Mittal and Rosato will explore:

  • Why DLL wanted to disrupt its business model, even before COVID-19 struck
  • How to create an internal team to focus on digital transformation
  • The value of partnerships and which ones to prioritize
  • Lessons learned along the way: what worked and what didn’t
  • The strategic steps companies can take now to stimulate internal disruption

This Live+ Lightning Talk is part of The Monitor’s initiative to transform its education efforts by moving to completely virtual events, including webinars. Register now for Q2’s session, How to Disrupt Your Own Business—a DLL Case Study.


Written by Q2