The Battle for the Small Business Customer blog series.

Today, a unified view to better understand your customers is necessary. Merging in-person and digital interactions, an FI leverages the strengths of both channels to maximize engagement and value delivered to the small business customer. Achieving a comprehensive view of the small business customer can help an FI to extend more offerings which can result in more fee income. It also improves the customer service experience.

Customer relations in 2021

Human interaction will remain important to nurturing small business relationships. Having technology that can provide accessible, understandable data and analytics can even help improve your staff’s interactions. Customer service representatives (CSRs), for instance, will more effectively address problems and issues promptly. They can also provide consistently sound advice and solution recommendations to benefit small business customers.

Creating this flow of data and enabling the ability to share information allows for more targeted conversations. This can happen when an FI shares customer profile, transaction, and behavioral data across channels.

Human Digital Experience deepens commitment and loyalty

Relationship management linked to a modern banking platform with connections to customer relationship management (CRM) tools produces even better customer relations and solution adoption outcomes. Even back-office data from online and mobile banking can be used in a CRM system to unify interactions. Q2 Human Digital Experience, or HDX, is a good example. It brings together back-office data and servicing capabilities to Salesforce Sales, Service, or Financial Services Cloud clients through a managed package and provides a single, comprehensive CRM interface to manage commercial account holder relationships.

The Q2 eBook “The Battle for the Small Business Customer” goes into more details about the factors shaping small business banking today, including the availability of bringing human interaction and data together for better relationship management. Find out why digital technology has unrealized potential to help better segment, target, sell, and serve small businesses. 

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