Founder R.H. Seale III on Q2’s People and Diversity

By Q2

11 Dec, 2017

This holiday season, we're reflecting on our greatest asset—our people. In the video below, Q2 founder R.H. Seale III shares his thoughts on the individuals who best contribute to our growing business—as well as our approach to diversity.

R.H. recalls that past business successes gave Q2's founding team access to the very best people—but that they weren't looking for talent alone.

"I don't care that you're a Harvard MBA or the smartest person in the room," R.H. says. "What I care about is your heart. Do you want to do the right thing? And do you want to work hard to do it? Those are the things that matter."

R.H. downplays the importance of growth and profitability—citing what matters most to him. "It's that journey through life where you do the right thing, even when it's not comfortable," he says. "And then you look back and you're proud of yourself for that."

On diversity, R.H. suggests that what's most important is the range of viewpoints and experience. "What matters," he says, "is the diversity of ideas and approaches and the way you view things. That's what makes you make a better product."

"People coming from other places have been exposed to great ideas and great ways of doing things," he continues, "and we can't ever get caught up in the idea that our way is better than everybody else's, when it comes to things like developing in Waterfall versus Agile—or whatever. Those kinds of things will change over time. What's not going to change are our principles."

Watch the video to hear more of R.H.'s thoughts on Q2's people and the principles that guide us to work together in ways that are meaningful—and to deliver better products through diversity of ideas and approaches.




Written by Q2