India Students Participate in Q2 FinXthon

India Students Participate in Q2 FinXthon

By Q2

14 Dec, 2023

Recently, students from across India took part in FinXthon, a dynamic fintech hackathon organized by GL Bajaj College and co-sponsored by Q2. Participants presented innovative ideas and product prototypes that resonated with the hackathon's theme, "Hack to the Future with Q2." 

Projects proposed relevant solutions for financial services technologies, including: 

  • Services that enable the effortless management of cryptocurrency payments 
  • Compliance monitoring and detection via log analysis leveraging LLMs
  • Strategies to resist scammers posing as legitimate entities claiming that victims' accounts are at risk of being blocked 

More than 220 students from 20+ colleges participated in the event. 22 ideas were chosen for the final round. From the presentations, three winning teams were selected for their unique ideas. 

Benefiting Students Across India

Q2 is committed to building strong and diverse communities by strengthening the financial institutions that serve the. This mission extends to the communities we call home and the communities served by Q2 customers.

The program created valuable experience and opportunities for participants learn in a hands-on environment. "Participating in the hackathon offered an invaluable opportunity to collaborate, innovate, and expand skills within a dynamic, real-world problem-solving environment," Giridhar Thoopurani, Q2's vice president of engineering (AltFI) said. "Additionally, engaging with the Q2 pre-event and their keynote session provided a comprehensive understanding of banking innovations, enriching the  hackathon experience with practical industry insights."

Q2 Director of Talent Acquisition Shreya Bajaj echoed the sentiment. "FinXthon provided an opportunity for the students to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world problem statements and think from the first principle."

Supporting Q2's Mission

FinXThon reflects Q2's commitment to its mission. "The hackathon program fostered a diverse, collaborative community of budding innovators, mirroring Q2's mission to cultivate inclusive environments for creative problem-solving and knowledge-sharing," Thoopurani said.

Congratulations to all the participants for their hard work and partnership. 





Written by Q2