Q2’s software development kit, Q2 Caliper SDK, empowers FIs to maximize the Q2 Platform using the same development and customization tools Q2 engineers use in-house.

Google alum Slaven Bilac serves as CEO and president of Agent IQ, an organization with a mission to make digital banking personal again. Bilac shared a number of observations about Q2 Caliper SDK in a recent LinkedIn post. “I have looked at numerous integration frameworks and several related to Financial Services in particular,” he said, “and this is the only one that reminded me of the best practices I have learned at Google.”

According to Bilac, what differentiates Q2 Caliper SDK is “an integrated plugin framework supported by a live, hosted environment and CI/CD pipelines to deploy and serve the code into running … instances,” which can minimize delays by allowing users to bypass prioritization queues.

Here are five of the benefits Bilac outlined in relation to Q2 Caliper SDK in his blog:

  1. “It’s well documented and easy to get into.”

    Concise documentation, broad code examples, and video tutorials help unlock the possibilities for FIs.
  2. “It is versatile and powerful.”

    Control both the front-end UI/UX, using your favorite framework, and the back-end integration with the Q2 Platform, the banks systems or any third-party integration.
  3. “One implementation to rule them all.”

    With Q2 Caliper SDK, one implementation works consistently across browsers and mobile operating systems.
  4. “Data at the fingertips.”

    The most common data covering a large number of use cases is available in the Q2 Platform, making integrations easier.
  5. “Hosted serving and testing.”

    Q2-hosted, pre-populated development instances streamline processes for setup and making and verifying changes.

Read the full LinkedIn blog: Q2 Developer SDK Impressions.

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