Resources for FIs Providing Seamless Service During Unusual Times

Resources for FIs Providing Seamless Service During Unusual Times

By Q2

29 Jun, 2020

The effects of the coronavirus have had far-reaching implications for financial institutions (FIs) and their account holders alike. An abrupt move to remote working, the need for a rapid response to the SBA Paycheck Protection Program, and a sudden need for FIs to provide their services in a purely digital fashion have resulted in a need for clear, relevant information.

Time is a precious resource for FI professionals right now. Furthermore, it can be challenging to sort through the abundance of information being created at this time. The following list includes some of the most visited blog entries since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

COVID-19 FI Checklist: 10 Best Practices for a Pandemic Digital Enablement Package

In a time like this, it’s difficult to know where to focus in order to mitigate risk, maintain service levels, and move forward. However, over the course of hundreds of conversations with our clients in recent weeks, a few consistent themes have come up time and time again.

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COVID 19: Three Steps for Lenders to Navigate Turbulent Times

To help provide cash to the businesses that need it efficiently and quickly, lenders must have an integrated and streamlined application process in place. Here are three critical steps that will help lenders consider how to support businesses and shore up defenses for future growth:

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A View of the Fintech Market: Possible Effects of the Unfolding Pandemic

Fintech companies’ meteoric rise following the Great Recession of 2008 has redefined how many consumers and businesses interact with digital banking. The disruption caused by COVID-19 has led to assessments about fintech’s future, with expectations that the fintech space may encounter rapid change, both positive and negative.

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Q2 End User Marketing Campaigns: Trusted Resources to Support Your Communication Efforts

Leveraging Q2’s End User Marketing (EUM) campaigns is a valuable strategy for many Q2 customers seeking to communicate important information about their institution and to offer ways to help their account holders as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds.

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The New Normal: Exceeding Account Holder Expectations while Working Remotely

Providing excellent service to account holders can be dependent upon adapting to remote work, which often calls for different strategies than working in the branch. We’ve collected some useful tips for keeping productivity up, keeping relationships healthy, and taking care of yourself in this new landscape so you can keep account holders’ needs top of mind.

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Please continue to visit the Q2 blog for relevant resources aimed at helping FIs continue to provide seamless support to account holders during these remarkable times.


Written by Q2