Supporting a Global Workforce in 2020: The Power of Partnership

Supporting a Global Workforce in 2020: The Power of Partnership

By Q2

21 Dec, 2020

COVID-19 created a need for Q2 to maintain an exceptional level of support for FIs that were increasingly (and quickly) pivoting to the digital channel to provide seamless support for their account holders. Unfortunately, getting secure devices into new team members’ hands proved challenging in some instances. With its workforce shifting to an entirely remote posture, Q2 needed a reliable way to onboard new employees fast.

A need for a new method

Q2 issues company-managed devices to all employees, and with continued growth, this often means shipping computers to global locations. The slowed shipping processes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic meant some new team members were left without the secure devices they needed to support FI customers.

For quick, secure workforce scaling, Q2 turned to Microsoft Azure and the Windows Virtual Desktop—a reliable, easy-to-use Cloud solution that provides the same security posture as company-managed laptops but gives employees the freedom to use the devices they have available to them. With the help of Alchemy Technology Group, Q2 was able to deploy a solution for this challenge in just two weeks.

The right solution at the right time

This solution was crucial for business when India went into lockdown, as many new employees in the India office hadn’t received their company-issued devices yet. The virtual desktop allowed them to work safely and securely from home on their personal devices until they received company-issued equipment. It also allowed Q2 to make quick workforce decisions, with new users up and running in minutes rather than days or weeks.

Q2 believes in the power of partnership, and the opportunity to adapt with speed and agility underscores the importance of that belief. It’s just one example of the critical collaboration that helps serve employees and customers better.

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